Friday, August 15, 2014

Intrepid Travellers

I really need to look up the dictionary definition of Intrepid Travelling. I think it means travelling outside of your comfort zone. John thinks it means seeing a place you want to see that is off the beaten track and working out a way to get there without using usual means. We both agree that we were intrepid travellers after our day on the Ho Tram Strip.

It was hot... really hot... and we were cycling along the waterfront in the blistering sun with sand dunes on one side of the road and beach on the other when a monstrous resort loomed up in front of us. 'I bet that place has a pool' I commented wistfully 'I wonder if they would let us use it for an hour'. We decided that there was no harm in trying so we cycled up to the grandiose entrance and, covered in sweat from our cycling we parked our bikes at the front and were greeted by the concierge. We informed him that we were cycling through and while we had no intention of staying the night due to the fact that we were tight ass travellers, we would very much like to use the pool. The concierge, whose name will remain anonymous for the safety of his job, arranged for us to park our bikes in the car park and showed us where the pool was. It had a freaking swim up bar! So of course we drank our weight in delicious fruit cocktails and swum around until 4pm when we had to leave to beat the sun to a cheap hostel down the road, a nha nghi called Gia Huan in Binh Chau. The rooms were OK but I can't help wonder what it would have been like at the Grand. I bet they had a shower.

All in all we cycled 41kms and we had a most enjoyable day!

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