Thursday, August 7, 2014

A night in Ha Tien and a moving hotel to Ho Chi Minh City

We stayed overnight in Ha Tien and in the morning, we headed to the memorial in the mountain for 130 Vietnamese murdered by the Khemer Rouge. The memorial is set on a rocky outcrop with a stellar view of the surrounding countryside. For about 5,000vnd we could park our bikes in the car park, walk up the mountain and look around.
We went back into town and met a Vietnamese man named Toan who is working alone in Ha Tien and was happy for some company so we had coffee on the river front and dinner at his favorite eatery before looking around the markets. Ha Tien seems like a very chilled out town, still not used to tourists but lots to see and do in our 24 he stay. It is also the gateway to Cambodia so there are men on motorbikes selling tours everywhere. One tried to sell to us (unsuccessfully I might add) while we were traversing a particularly busy roundabout which was a bit stressful.
At 9.30 we caught an overnight bus to Ho Chi Minn City. They charged us a lot (we thought) to put the bikes in the storage compartment under the bus at 300,000 (considering our tickets were only 180,000 each) but the seats were huge and there was enough room to stretch out and sleep the 8+hrs to Ho Chi Minn City. We arrived at 8am or there abouts and cycled for the first time in HCMC traffic. I am sure that I have said this before but once you get into the flow, it really isn't as crazy as it looks. We decided to stay in district 3 for a night, mostly to see what it is like outside of the backpacker area but also to get our laundry done, which was gross after a week of rain and humidity.
We had dinner at a funky place with stencil art on the walls, good food and the second cutest kitten besides Honey obviously. Speaking of Honey, she is staying with my parents in Winfield and at about the time that we are relaxing on the beach, my parents are building a scaffold around a 10m tree that she climbed to escape a neighbours dog only to discover that claws work better going up than they do going down. Poor Honey! If we stay here for an extended amount of time, I must see if it is difficult flying her here to stay with us. I digress, we got our laundry done and got ready for the first part of our HCMC to Hanoi by bicycle adventure.
Xox Jane

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