Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Music my old friend

My playlist is getting a bit tired so I have been looking to expand but don't really want to download a whole heap of music which I will be bored with by next month. I saw an ad on Facebook for JB Hi-Fi NOW it looks pretty good and is from an Australian retailer (I don't know if that is important with music that is made mostly in America? I assume it means that there is some Aussie stuff too which would be great) and I probably will sign up for the free trial to test it out at some point but when it comes to internet stuff, it always pays to do some more reading so I read some reviews of music streaming services and thought I would post it so that you can piggy-back off my research.
  • This one from CNet seemed pretty comprehensive. It gives a pretty good review of Spotify for free streaming. It is only on PC in the free version which is fine, I don't mind adds and I like free stuff so I am signing up but I can't from work because our servers are routed through whoknowswheristan so the service thinks I am in another country (and the service is not available in that country).
  • The review from LifeHacker is also pretty good - relevant and recent.  
  • Delimiter is ok for some background on music streaming in Australia but old (December 2011)   
  • We Are Hunted is an interesting way of consuming music. It relies on bloggers and social media to build a top 99 chart and links in with Spotify.
I am sure there is heaps more but this is where I am up to so far. The man uses Myspace for music and I have to admit, I was only really into Myspace when I was a teenager and mostly because it let me practice my html to create a pretty profile (mixed success), I haven't had much of a chance to really look into it past that but it could be an interesting way of finding new stuff.

I don't know for sure but I think the reviewed pages are all legal music sites so the artists should be getting some of the profits which is a good thing. I don't know how all that works though. Anyway, Happy music seeking! I hope you found it useful.
xox Jane

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