Monday, February 11, 2013

Travelling Circus!

The last time I posted was December right? And I mean early December... that can't be right. I missed a whole month (well actually 2 months if I do the math). It must have something to do with all of our activities and OMG there have been so many activities! And travels! Check out my travels:

The green line is a 4 hour drive to Horsham (rural Victoria) in December. The red line is an 8 hour drive to Adelaide for a fancy dress party. Yep, that is me making out with Danger Mouse.

The purple line is Thailand for work. That place is amazing. I only saw Bangkok and mostly the hotel where the conference was held but here are a few photos from my travels:

Pretty much as soon as I landed back home I was on a plane to Brisbane (that's the blue line). Not exactly the "Queensland" vacation I was expecting because it rained and rained and rained. The purpose of my visit was to go to my friend's wedding. The bride handled the whole thing exceptionally well considering there was no power (no toilet/food/lights) for half the night, the roads were obstructed by fallen tree branches and it rained so hard they couldn't open any windows. It was (I thought) a lovely ceremony in any case... And I caught the bouquet! I get a diamond now right? I am pretty sure that is how it works. 
Gum boots for the bridal party "outside" photos... which would have been terribly uncomfortable but the photos were rad
 Next stop was Alstonville for some time with my grandfather. That was great. He is an avid "birdo" and actually (as I have been told by his girlfriend) is the most knowledgeable person in Australia on shore birds. So, I can't find the exact news articles but he is involved in Osprey conservation in his area and is working to ensure that a development in NSW near Grafton doesn't impact an endangered species of Emu. I wish I could find the details of both of those projects online but I can't. I must remember to ask him to send it to me so I can update and share them here.

So after Alstonville I went to Winfield for mum and dad's housewarming with the man and baby bro Sprout. No one knows where Winfield is because it is one of those blink and you will miss it kind of towns but it was on the news:
"Tornadoes hit Queensland coastal towns"
"The fight to survive after rescue never came"
And that was the weekend before I got there. My parents were ok because they are on a hill and they aren't connected to the grid anyway (solar for the win). The cove was hit pretty hard by the floods. As bad as Bundaberg I think. It is really beautiful up that way. Mum and dad live in paradise (even though it was raining).

That is the short version. I am back in Melbourne and trying to work myself into a new routine. Baby bro Sprout will be here to live from next week and our damn music festival was cancelled due to the fires (seriously! natural disasters would you please stop messing with my plans) so I have no idea what I will do with him for his first weekend. I wonder if he will mind a quiet bbq in the back yard? Might be a bit too old person/domestic... I can take him to some bars and whatnot which will be fun anyway.   

Love to all!

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