Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lucky Me!

Lucky me! For my Birthday, two of my favorite men took me to a vegetarian restaurant and didn't complain about the lack of meat! Veggie Bar in Fitzroy is pretty amazing so there was nothing to complain about really anyway. I had raw Green Thai Curry which I have been trying to find a recipe for but without much luck. It was absolutely delish! I will give it a crack at home and see if I can replicate it. The biggest challenge is sprouting wild rice but I think I can do it. I don't know if I could become a raw-foodist but with meals like that, I don't think it would be a bad thing. The man would hate it though!

Anyway, check out what I got for my birthday! Yellow roses and a bottle of bubbles (Moet actually!!!) from the gorgeous Miss T. She knows me so well! The giant cocktail ring is one of three from the man and can I just say that his taste in jewellery is shockingly amazing. I am pretty sure I asked for diamonds but this is the next best thing. I need to go to events that need me to dress up so that there is a reason to wear my new jewels (plastic or not). 

Even my stationary store sent me a present for my birthday! Stationary porn - better known as the stationary catalog. I expect it has something to do with how boring my job is when I get excited over the stationary order arrival. I place the damn thing so there aren't even any surprises but I still get butterflies. Anyway, the catalog is probably the best thing in the world for this boring admin lady, so many pages, so many options! Even though I always have to buy black or blue per the corporate standards, it is still exciting knowing that I could get pink or red or green. Oh, how I would love to get red stationary! That would make the office a million times more exciting.  

Ah... I just referred to myself as a "lady" damn it. My mother is a lady - I am a girl. The fact that I have crows feet is not relevant.

xox Love to all,

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