Sunday, December 2, 2012

Garden Awesomeness

Bearded Iris... I think is what it is called
 Check out what grew in my garden! Nothing to do with anything I did, the bearded iris (the purple one) was buried under some snow drops so when they blew over/died back it just popped out of the ground and started flowering. Absolutely beautiful and so purple it is almost black! Very impressed. The strawberry below is growing all through my grass. I think they are wild strawberries but I don't know much about strawberries so it could be the normal kind? Anyway, they were delicious!

Wild strawberry

Compost Bin
And this handsome devil is my new compost bin. It is the most professional piece of garden equipment that I have ever owned! The man's uncle has been helping us around the house (which needs a lot of work - more than the two of us can manage anyway) and he made the bins for me. So far I don't have any compost yet that I can use (it takes time to break down) but there are heaps of worms in there! I just need to remember to turn it every so often. I have started planting in my vege patch! Some potato and an onion (which were actually growing in my cupboard but are now growing in the garden where they should be growing). The man brought home an armful of seeds for me so I will hopefully get time to start that this weekend. I have cucumbers, beans, tomatos and carrots. Very very exciting! I will take more photos when they are growing.


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