Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Reasons I love Melbourne #1036

This is the too dark photo of bands edition. The flash on my camera is broken and the camera on my phone is terrible so the photos are not very good. Incidentally they do reflect pretty much everything I was able to see. Being 5 foot nothing is not always fun especially when competing for a view.

Swing/Reggae band in a club we found by accident
They had a mirror over the band which is the only reason I could see them at all (it was a good idea for the shorties in the back!)

Jazz band in St Kilda at Clay Pots - awesome little place but you need to be careful when you open the door that you don't knock over the drummer. 

Pop Records in St Kilda - looks like a record store but it is so much more! There is a bar, a Senor BBQ (I don't know if it is any good but the man loves it) and a cute stage where local acts can come and play. This guy sings a songs about water bears... he was amazing.

Same day I think but a different band

These guys are called Lizard Punch - the man knows them so we have been to a few shows. They are a punk band and their show includes nipple mustaches, bacon, cricket hats (and whites), cupcakes and beer snorkels. Yeah... its a bit crazy - why aren't these guys famous?
Grumpy's Green in Fitzroy - Amazing bar with heaps of boutique beers and live music most of the time. These guys had a really old school swing vibe which the man and I weren't 100% sold on. It was fun and different though.

And just because, here are some photos of Phillip Island Kangaroos


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