Wednesday, October 17, 2012

No pill for lazy

I hate waking up. I simply hate it! I am groggy and cranky and it is cold outside of my super warm doona-cocoon. What is with people who can jump out of bed and dive into their day? I don't understand it! They are out jogging in the morning sun, catching up on household chores, eating breakfast and getting to work on time while I am still in bed. I miss breakfast... a lot. I thought maybe there was something medically wrong with me ... like sleep apnea or a strange circadian rhythm because there are cures for that. As it turns out there is no pill to cure lazy. So I have been doing some research on how to motivate myself out of bed and here is what I found:

One blog by Vincent Cheung gives a pretty logical method for waking up (actually the whole article is really interesting). I tried it this morning and did actually get out of bed so it has worked for one morning. I will keep trying to see if I can stretch it to a whole week!
"I use a very simple system that can be done by even the most frugal of people. I can't remember when I first started doing this, but it's been at least 7 years. Here's what you do:
  1. Set an alarm to go off before the latest time you want to wake up.
    • Make the alarm really quiet radio or music.
  2. Set a second alarm to go off at the latest time you want to wake up.
    • This is your regular alarm that will wake you up no matter what."
Another idea that I found was around the concept that if you have to do a puzzle in the morning it will help to wake up your mind. Like wake up and play a couple of games of sudoku on your phone... I did give it a try ... sort of... I woke up a bit, glared at my alarm clock, glanced at my phone, considered picking up my phone, hit the snooze button on the alarm clock and went back to sleep. That is where puzzle clocks come in.
The puzzle explodes in the morning and you have to put it back together before the alarm will stop.
This rocket alarm made me giggle too:

But I decided to buy this one (it was only $15 so not a massive investment). It is supposed to fire the spinning thing into the air and let it buzz around the room. You have to catch it and return it to the base before the alarm will stop.

The man thinks that more than likely he will be the one who has to run around the bedroom after it. He might be right. I should maybe get him a shotgun... he he
Photo from here (not sure if it is copyright or not)
The last phase of my get up early campaign is: Jerry Seinfeld's Productivity Secret . The main idea is that you get a year calendar and put a cross every day that you do whatever it is that is your goal to do. Sorry that is a terrible sentence. So every day that I get up early I can mark on my calendar with the aim of keeping the chain going without breaking it. So I have one cross... hopefully tomorrow I will have 2!

Talk again soon!

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