Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Inspirational cooking

Looking for a way to make cabbage and brussels sprouts interesting? Try this recipe. It doesn't seem that interesting but it was so good! INSPIRATIONAL! Especially seeing as it has been a bloody cold Melbourne winter. Something about the pasta, salt and warm cabbaggie goodness was very fulfilling. I joined a farmer direct delivery service and every week I get a box of veges to my house. The cool thing is that I don't pick the veges so it is a bit like a lucky dip. It isn't very expensive although I am not very good with vegetable prices and comparing for the best rate anyway so I figure for convenience and the fact that we never get through the whole box in a week, it is worth what they charge. The only problem is that we don't eat a kilo of potato and carrots per week... not even close and we are not big cabbage eaters but because it is in season I seem to get it every week.

I wonder how this guy ate his cabbage?

It is forcing me to be more creative in the kitchen. Being a vegetarian means that I have to structure my meals differently to the way mum used to when I lived at home. My parents and baby brother are mostly carnivorous so you could hear a pin drop the day I told them I was becoming a vegetarian, it would have been less awkward if I was telling them that I had killed someone or crashed their car. My mum would normally plan dinner around meat eg. tonight we are having chicken so I will make that with a side of pasta and then add vegetables. When there is no meat you have to be a bit careful that you don't end up with a mountain of carbohydrates and no real nutrition. I am getting better at it but still not great. There is something about carbs that makes me happy. Low carb diets are linked to depression apparently which I guess makes sense. Speaking of cooking I just found a blog/website that is so beautiful I wanted to share called Love and Olive Oil. The curried sweet potato soup is making me hungry!

We are going to a wedding tomorrow (day off work ... whoop whoop!) so I got to buy a new dress. It was only $20 so I bought 2, a silver ring and a pair of big glass-cut-to-look-like-diamond earrings (they were so cheap I don't even think they were made of fake glass... perspex maybe?). Someone said to me that cheap jewellery looks ok on the day but horrible in photographs. I have no idea if it is true but to be honest, when it comes to jewellery I don't care how much you judge me I just can't justify more than $10 on something
1. I will never wear again or will wear 3 times before I lose it under the bed to the dust bunnies (creepy little suckers steal socks too)
2. I find so uncomfortable that I can't sleep with them on
3. I can't eat - candy jewellery I may make an exception for
4. Will ruin the brides photos... not mine (selfish I know but the gift we are giving is not)

I just saw one of my pages has had over 1000 visitors! That is more than 1000 people have stopped by to see my crack talk over the internet. I can hardly believe it! So now that I am a celebrity I guess I should start being interesting huh? You might be out of luck there sorry. 


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