Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Everyone in the room is now dumber

I left my tablet PC with The Man for the day because he needs to research Norse Mythology for his photography assignment (I miss being an art student!). Anyway the significance is that the tablet contains my diploma notes which I have been reading on my 45 min tram ride to work the last 3 days so today I went back to the old-school paperback novel. I am reading a book called Past Mortem By Ben Elton which is about an English copper investigating some very grisly murders. It is a good read - I like my books less trashy than my TV and this one is easy to read but a bit more intelligent than Jersey Shore. The book belonged to a friend and I can't help but wonder if he read it before he passed away. Something about the way the book is written reminds me of him. Regardless it is very different from the Disc World novels and Building and Construction lecture notes that I have been reading of late.

Actually, come to think of it I have been reading a lot of new stuff. The book reader on my phone means that if someone recommends something I can just download it on the spot. I even let the reader send me recommendations. I was super impressed by the Hunger Games (easy read, interesting story, couldn't put it down) BUT I was very very very very very disappointed in 50 Shades of Grey. I will keep this short because I am afraid that I start to rant when I think about that book - it was dreadful and not because it was raunchy but because it was poorly written and there was nothing likeable about the story/characters/anything. This is the best review I have seen yet and it mirrors my feelings exactly! I am still angry that I spent $8 and effectively supported an author who a) can't write b) endorses borderline spousal abuse as long as he is rich, good looking and good in bed and c) can't think of a better descriptive word than "Crap" (101 times according to the before mentioned review), and expressive phrase than "Oh My" (every second sentence if you ask me but apparently only 79 times). FFS! And they are talking about making it into a movie ... it makes my soul hurt.

So this weekend is our first full weekend in our new house. I am having a ladder delivered on Saturday so that I can remove the lawn growing on the carport roof. We are going to:
- Turn the carport into an outside entertainment area
- Fix the back doorway before the rotten beam finally breaks
- Put some of the roof tiles back on the roof (they are in a tree right now)
- Turn the washing machine that the moving man dropped on its head into a brazier
- Fill in the hole left by removing that dead tree from the front yard
- Start my lasagne style vege patch 
- Rake up the Autumn leaves which have been killing the grass over winter

Actually the garden needs more work than a single weekend or ten. It has been ignored for a very long time unfortunately but I like a challenge. I worry that by the time our place is all fixed up the landlord will finally get approval to knock it down. Anyway... I must get back to work.


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