Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Inspirational cooking

Looking for a way to make cabbage and brussels sprouts interesting? Try this recipe. It doesn't seem that interesting but it was so good! INSPIRATIONAL! Especially seeing as it has been a bloody cold Melbourne winter. Something about the pasta, salt and warm cabbaggie goodness was very fulfilling. I joined a farmer direct delivery service and every week I get a box of veges to my house. The cool thing is that I don't pick the veges so it is a bit like a lucky dip. It isn't very expensive although I am not very good with vegetable prices and comparing for the best rate anyway so I figure for convenience and the fact that we never get through the whole box in a week, it is worth what they charge. The only problem is that we don't eat a kilo of potato and carrots per week... not even close and we are not big cabbage eaters but because it is in season I seem to get it every week.

I wonder how this guy ate his cabbage?

It is forcing me to be more creative in the kitchen. Being a vegetarian means that I have to structure my meals differently to the way mum used to when I lived at home. My parents and baby brother are mostly carnivorous so you could hear a pin drop the day I told them I was becoming a vegetarian, it would have been less awkward if I was telling them that I had killed someone or crashed their car. My mum would normally plan dinner around meat eg. tonight we are having chicken so I will make that with a side of pasta and then add vegetables. When there is no meat you have to be a bit careful that you don't end up with a mountain of carbohydrates and no real nutrition. I am getting better at it but still not great. There is something about carbs that makes me happy. Low carb diets are linked to depression apparently which I guess makes sense. Speaking of cooking I just found a blog/website that is so beautiful I wanted to share called Love and Olive Oil. The curried sweet potato soup is making me hungry!

We are going to a wedding tomorrow (day off work ... whoop whoop!) so I got to buy a new dress. It was only $20 so I bought 2, a silver ring and a pair of big glass-cut-to-look-like-diamond earrings (they were so cheap I don't even think they were made of fake glass... perspex maybe?). Someone said to me that cheap jewellery looks ok on the day but horrible in photographs. I have no idea if it is true but to be honest, when it comes to jewellery I don't care how much you judge me I just can't justify more than $10 on something
1. I will never wear again or will wear 3 times before I lose it under the bed to the dust bunnies (creepy little suckers steal socks too)
2. I find so uncomfortable that I can't sleep with them on
3. I can't eat - candy jewellery I may make an exception for
4. Will ruin the brides photos... not mine (selfish I know but the gift we are giving is not)

I just saw one of my pages has had over 1000 visitors! That is more than 1000 people have stopped by to see my crack talk over the internet. I can hardly believe it! So now that I am a celebrity I guess I should start being interesting huh? You might be out of luck there sorry. 


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Everyone in the room is now dumber

I left my tablet PC with The Man for the day because he needs to research Norse Mythology for his photography assignment (I miss being an art student!). Anyway the significance is that the tablet contains my diploma notes which I have been reading on my 45 min tram ride to work the last 3 days so today I went back to the old-school paperback novel. I am reading a book called Past Mortem By Ben Elton which is about an English copper investigating some very grisly murders. It is a good read - I like my books less trashy than my TV and this one is easy to read but a bit more intelligent than Jersey Shore. The book belonged to a friend and I can't help but wonder if he read it before he passed away. Something about the way the book is written reminds me of him. Regardless it is very different from the Disc World novels and Building and Construction lecture notes that I have been reading of late.

Actually, come to think of it I have been reading a lot of new stuff. The book reader on my phone means that if someone recommends something I can just download it on the spot. I even let the reader send me recommendations. I was super impressed by the Hunger Games (easy read, interesting story, couldn't put it down) BUT I was very very very very very disappointed in 50 Shades of Grey. I will keep this short because I am afraid that I start to rant when I think about that book - it was dreadful and not because it was raunchy but because it was poorly written and there was nothing likeable about the story/characters/anything. This is the best review I have seen yet and it mirrors my feelings exactly! I am still angry that I spent $8 and effectively supported an author who a) can't write b) endorses borderline spousal abuse as long as he is rich, good looking and good in bed and c) can't think of a better descriptive word than "Crap" (101 times according to the before mentioned review), and expressive phrase than "Oh My" (every second sentence if you ask me but apparently only 79 times). FFS! And they are talking about making it into a movie ... it makes my soul hurt.

So this weekend is our first full weekend in our new house. I am having a ladder delivered on Saturday so that I can remove the lawn growing on the carport roof. We are going to:
- Turn the carport into an outside entertainment area
- Fix the back doorway before the rotten beam finally breaks
- Put some of the roof tiles back on the roof (they are in a tree right now)
- Turn the washing machine that the moving man dropped on its head into a brazier
- Fill in the hole left by removing that dead tree from the front yard
- Start my lasagne style vege patch 
- Rake up the Autumn leaves which have been killing the grass over winter

Actually the garden needs more work than a single weekend or ten. It has been ignored for a very long time unfortunately but I like a challenge. I worry that by the time our place is all fixed up the landlord will finally get approval to knock it down. Anyway... I must get back to work.


Monday, August 13, 2012

Fun and Trash

The Man went away on a boys weekend last weekend so while I was home alone tidying up some stuff for work I watched the first season of Jersey Shore (and just put season 2 on my Quickflix list). It is no secret that I am a consumer of pop&trash culture (see that? I created a new genre!) and I am not ashamed. These kids seriously shouldn't drink so much... but if they didn't it wouldn't be so absorbing. Their relationship issues are so dramatic and their arguments are so superficial - the makings of great trash TV. Reminds me of high school, which I still romanticize about but hated for the most part - aside from a very select but amazing group of friends. Tween to teenage BS is far to chaotic (I find enough chaos when I don't look for it).

I am back in the office this week with the renovations all done - new carpet, fresh wall paint, new IT system and a new rack that sounds like it is about to take off every time the fans start running. Someone found a Dali print in a frame hidden behind some shelves and put it above my desk. There is something about this particular painting that resonates with me. It is the typical melting clock but it looks like it is in agony the numbers trying to escape the face, parts of its insides twisting and contorting. A moth sits in the bottom left hand corner looking lost while a fly sitting on the 9 o'clock mark of the clock is about to be sucked into a crack (maybe a tear or a mountain range... with Dali it is sometimes hard to tell) which takes up almost a quarter of the clock face. A calm bay is in the far background but is completely overshadowed by the chaos pouring from the tortured time piece in the foreground... I wonder if the person who bought it had intended for it to be a metaphor for nine-to-five work or if it is a coincidence. I think I am the fly. Or the 6 which is casually sneaking off the clock into the boarder of the painting.

I found the print!
Oh and also - the office palm tree died and they put it on my desk. Poor bugger. I really liked that palm tree but I never took care of it so I guess I am not so surprised it has gone to wherever trees go after they have been neglected. Maybe I should get a fish bowl for the office? It looks like an office that might have a fish bowl now. Only problem is that the fish would be mighty hungry over the weekend.  


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Interior heating

So for the first time ever, I understand why people bang on about inside heating. It is freaking freezing in here! I am clutching my coffee cup in a vain attempt to keep my hands from freezing and my toes - despite the double socks - are a weird shade of icy-purple. I am going to invest in a set of thermal long johns... and USB foot warmers.
USB Foot Warmer Hedgehog Slippers
I am working from home this week. Which is awesome because I roll out of bed and I am good to go. It is also horrible because I have no desire to change out of my pajamas - and may not for the rest of the week. Here is a graphical representation of the pros and cons of working from home from my favorite time-wasting websites.

Love to all!

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