Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Times they are a changing

I think last time I posted I was talking about my little shoebox apartment and now I am living in a three bedroom house! With a YARD! A real, grassy, long-enough-to-play-back-yard-cricket kind of yard. And there is a garden, and the owner doesn't care about it because he is going to bull doze it eventually anyway so I can do whatever I want with it! And before you ask - the reason I live in places that are due to be condemned is because they are cheap so I can spend my disposable income on shoes instead of someone else' mortgage. Speaking of shoes, I really really need to invest in a new pair. These ones have cracks in the bottoms so that when I walk on wet grass the water soaks my stockings and makes my feet cold. It isn't a money issue - it is a pure laziness issue. I don't like shopping (sorry mum but you did not pass that gene to me... I wonder where it went because Sprout it definitely not a shopper) so I avoid it like the plague. I do like shopping online though because when you get the parcel in the mail it is so exciting. Like Christmas.

Speaking of Sprout and shopping: I got a gift card to a kitchen store which doesn't have any stores in Victoria (that I could find) so I sent it to my baby brother Sprout (in Queensland) to buy me either: A Bread-maker, a Bar-mix or a Food Processor which he could put in his luggage and bring to me when he comes to visit for the snow. The poor man got stuck in a kitchen store, completely out of his element and here is our text message conversation: 

Sprout: Hey Jane, I'm at that store. I'm gonna keep looking but so far they don't seem to have anything worth buying. It's just plates and sh*t nobody would use.
Me: Sorry for sending you to hell but would you ask the attendant if they have anything other than plates?
Sprout: Do you want an electric salt shaker?
Me: No... no I really don't need one of those
Sprout: Went to a different store and had a win :) the woman helped me instead of leaving me lost and scared. I found a food-processor/bar-mix. It is both. I don't think I could've got one that baked bread as well though but I did ask. She says they don't exist.
Me: Thanks Sprout! You are my hero xxx
Sprout: I know. I'm pretty awesome. Got lucky on this one though. You were about 4 minutes away from being the proud owner of an apple spiral.
Me: Well, I dodged a bullet on that one - actually I don't have one of those
Sprout: I'd be surprised if anyone has an apple spiral 50 bucks for a tiny little hand wound lathe seems like a bad investment to me. It didn't mention an ability to do any other types of fruit or vegetable either. I guess it could be good for making martini orange spirals.
Me: Or carrot spirals?
Sprout: I don't even know if I want to ask what kind of bizarre vegetarian thing they would be used for.
Me: Garnishes mostly. When I quit my job and buy a restaurant I'll be sorry I don't have a veg spiral.

Here are some of my favorite snow photos from Mt Buller:

This was the most common position for all of us on the first day. Britt was carving it up every day after but falling on the ice was her specialty to start with.

Happy to be someplace warm that serves beer after our first day of snow-falling

Miss T looking resplendent in her designer ski gear

Sammy joining us for a beer (just one though because he was our designated driver)

Baby Bro Sprout in his ski gear

The Man just chillin' in the snow half way down the run.

We had a blast! I can't wait to do it again next winter!

xox Love to all

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