Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It snapped!

Alright I went and snapped the E string. The rest of the guitar was in tune but I turned the thing too tight (or maybe there is something sharp that needs to be filed down) and it exploded. I almost lost an eye! Maybe that is a bit melodramatic, but it made a funny noise. My baby brother's response: "LOL Yeah the high E string or little string for beginners is pretty easy to snap."  Sooo when he gets to Melbourne (Yay Sprout is coming to visit me for the snow!) he is going to fix it for me, and hopefully he will tune the thing properly as well.

Last month I flew to Sydney, back to Melbourne and then to Perth for work conferences. My marketing assistant went on holidays so I took over his events just for last week. When I left Melbourne I could see clouds on my breath but when I landed in Sydney I almost didn't need my jacket. Sydney weather is awesome, the coffee is not - I might be a bit of a snob when it comes to coffee but seriously I had a headache for the two days I was there because I couldn't get through an entire cup (Now that is serious!). Actually Perth weather was really nice too. The coffee was about 50 times better than Sydney but still not as good as Melbourne. The conferences were boring for me. I have a base level understanding of what FEA Analysis is but not much about how it works. I liked the key note speakers though. One was talking about stress on welded joints (doesn't sound interesting but it was) and the other was a geologist who uses our software to analyse the movement of magma below the Earths surface. The day before the confrerences I was running around organising catering and AV and all that jazz. On the day of the conference I was making coffee and greeting people. I think that one of the speakers put a picture of a mouse in one of his slides to see if we were paying attention. No one made any comment. I saw it. Not because I was paying attention, just because I like mice.

Speaking of mice, because I was in Perth, I decided to stay for the weekend so I could visit my friend and her family. They have only recently moved into the house they are in and they seem to have inherited a mouse. Well 2 mice actually. We discovered this after a bottle of wine and after chasing these furry little demons around the house, we caught them both in take-away containers from the Flying Taco and delivered them to the alley behind the house of a woman who lets her dog deffacate on my friend's lawn. Take that dog poo woman! I think my friend should get a cat... mine killed three mice this week. I have a 1 bedroom shoebox sized apartment so I don't know where they are hiding but my cat is making them wish they lived somewhere else thats for sure.     

xox Love to all

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