Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Working in Japan

My work trip to Japan in pictures (avoiding the work part obviously due to its boringness):

This is the little bit I saw of China and it rained the whole 3 hours!
The toilets are basically robots. They are so clever they can sing, warm the seat, detect when you are done and flush for you and shoot water up your hooha.
This is the toilet in my hotel room - any smarter and it would become selfaware with disasterous consequences (ie. Skynet)
Catching the Narita Express
Vending machines for anything you could want (beer included). I was told you can even get used underware.
Indian food on the first night (this is the ladies set... which is absolutly massive)
Cherry blossoms were out and so very very pretty!
Even the coffee in my hotel was high tech - that is a filter with ground coffee that sits over the cup and you fill it with boiling water. Only problem is that I can't get the photo to rotate to the correct position.
Japanese breakfast: Rice, marinaded vegetables and miso soup (awesome!)

Its a game that looks like pin ball but apparently there is more involved than that. I think it is a kind of gambling though? Not too sure what the story was but there were about 5 more rows of machines like this in the room.
And there were buckets and buckets of ball bearings behind the players.
Everything has cute cartoon characters. In the supermarket it felt like the shelves are all smiling at you as you walk past!
More miso soup with rice balls. Amazing :)
If it had been a week of holiday this would have been a very different set of photos but it was for work so I was in back to back meetings and training sessions all though the day (except for lunch which was fantastic each day... I love food!) and then doing my normal job from the hotel after dinner (again - fantastic) then on the plane back home. Really long flights!

Just performed some minor design changes: It is autumn which explains the new backdrop and I dyed my hair back to a more natural colour for me. The leaves are already turning and it is nice blending into my surroundings. 

Love to all

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