Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Learning some new skills

Its paint job is dodgy and it smells like metho but its my first guitar and I am really excited to have it. I didn't pay much for it (and it shows) but on my brothers advice; it has steel strings, tuner and all the bits that an acoustic guitar is supposed to have and I AM going to learn how to play it. The last time I picked up a guitar it was at school (grade 8 probably). The project was to learn a simple song and mine was "Freak" by Silverchair. I am a bit suprised that when I picked up my new guitar I can still play it, all three notes. Only problem is (besides not being particularly interested in playing Silverchair) that I need to work at tuning it because it is definitly not making the right noises. I get the theory: 6th string is the one at the top and the thickest and if I don't touch anything and strum just that string it should be 'E' and according to the electronic guitar tuner (which incidentally does not in fact tune the guitar - just tells me when it is not in tune) it is. So I have one sixth of my guitar tuned. The next string down is supposed to be A then D then G then B and finally E (thats the thinnest string at the bottom). So A is posing some difficulty. I can make it sound like a G and thats just about it. Also the tuner keeps giving me weird numbers that I don't understand. So basically I am not a rockstar yet but I am working on it.

Since I finished my studies I am trying to learn some new skills for fun rather than for work or uni. First is guitar and second is knitting. My Nanna showed me how to knit when I was little and I simply could not remember how to do it. After watching several youtube videos and reading several websites I think I worked it out. Sort of - it would be nice if dropped stitches weren't so damn obvious! And yes... that square looks more like a trapezoid. It started with 25 stitches and ended with something like 52. No idea what I did. It started out pretty well. The blue one unravelled because Honey thought it existed solely for her amusement. Silly cat. 

Some other projects:
As you may have noticed from the photo of the guitar, the water in my fish tank is a little yellow. It is the tannens from the wood but I am getting a little sick of it actually and it doesn't look very good so I am downgrading my fresh water set up to this bowl which hopefully will be easier to maintain. Not sure if I am going to sell the fish tank or turn it into a salt water tank yet.

Its sad that I have a million photos that I never look at because they are on my harddrive so I printed some of my faves and put them on my wall. I hate the multiple photo frames but string and pegs looks pretty cool. I think so anyway.

My parsley seedling is going great guns! I have to get him a bigger pot so that he can really branch out but his future is looking pretty bright. Honey really needs to leave the poor thing alone though.

Mr Faulty is not doing so good. He is hopelessly root bound and his lazy owner has not yet bought him a bigger pot. I have stolen some of his leaves for different meals but feel dreadful because he looks so depressed. Yes - those are pencils, I did not have any proper stakes and the dried spagghetti kept snapping.

xox Love to all

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