Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Summer Music Festivals

Aside from normal new years resolution (lose weight, run marathon, be healthy blah blah blah) we made a pact to go to more summer music festivals this year. So far this year we have just been to one (last weekend) and Summer isn't over until, well... actually the end of this month but its still more than last year so we are still ahead. On Friday, the boy packed up the car and picked me up from work and we drove 3 hours North of Melbourne for the Riverboat Festival. The venu was perfect, with strings of white lanterns amongst the rivergums, lots of places to sit and watch the stage (over the water), food, bars, everything! The campsite was cool too (warm showers, pool, bbq area... what else can you ask for?). Unfortunately we left it to late so we couldn't get a campsite in the town, we got a place about 8km away from the event and we brought bicycles with us and rode there and back (which made it more fun... for me anyway because I got to ride the good bike). Stand out act for the festival was Ryan Meeking - actually the first act we saw when we walked through the gates on Saturday. Brilliant guitarist and beautiful voice.

Lanie Lane was stunning and The Audreys were fantastic too. Overall a great way to spend the weekend!

I must remember to pump up the mattress in future because sleeping on a partly deflated air bed has given me the most uncomfortable pain in my neck! Seriously I used to sleep ANYWHERE... now I can't sleep on planes and I can't sleep on deflated furniture? What is going on? Is this because I am getting old? Damn it... I am not ready yet! I also can't turn my head to the left without wanting to cry. Not to worry... I have my chair positioned so I can see both screens without turning my head and a packet of neurofen on standby. It will all be fine.

The rest of the week is going to be quite - finish last assignment (ever) tonight, see a Soul band on Thursday night and hopefully pick up my Treadmill on Saturday .... whoop whoop whoop!

Love to all

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