Sunday, December 2, 2012

Garden Awesomeness

Bearded Iris... I think is what it is called
 Check out what grew in my garden! Nothing to do with anything I did, the bearded iris (the purple one) was buried under some snow drops so when they blew over/died back it just popped out of the ground and started flowering. Absolutely beautiful and so purple it is almost black! Very impressed. The strawberry below is growing all through my grass. I think they are wild strawberries but I don't know much about strawberries so it could be the normal kind? Anyway, they were delicious!

Wild strawberry

Compost Bin
And this handsome devil is my new compost bin. It is the most professional piece of garden equipment that I have ever owned! The man's uncle has been helping us around the house (which needs a lot of work - more than the two of us can manage anyway) and he made the bins for me. So far I don't have any compost yet that I can use (it takes time to break down) but there are heaps of worms in there! I just need to remember to turn it every so often. I have started planting in my vege patch! Some potato and an onion (which were actually growing in my cupboard but are now growing in the garden where they should be growing). The man brought home an armful of seeds for me so I will hopefully get time to start that this weekend. I have cucumbers, beans, tomatos and carrots. Very very exciting! I will take more photos when they are growing.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Reasons I love Melbourne #1036

This is the too dark photo of bands edition. The flash on my camera is broken and the camera on my phone is terrible so the photos are not very good. Incidentally they do reflect pretty much everything I was able to see. Being 5 foot nothing is not always fun especially when competing for a view.

Swing/Reggae band in a club we found by accident
They had a mirror over the band which is the only reason I could see them at all (it was a good idea for the shorties in the back!)

Jazz band in St Kilda at Clay Pots - awesome little place but you need to be careful when you open the door that you don't knock over the drummer. 

Pop Records in St Kilda - looks like a record store but it is so much more! There is a bar, a Senor BBQ (I don't know if it is any good but the man loves it) and a cute stage where local acts can come and play. This guy sings a songs about water bears... he was amazing.

Same day I think but a different band

These guys are called Lizard Punch - the man knows them so we have been to a few shows. They are a punk band and their show includes nipple mustaches, bacon, cricket hats (and whites), cupcakes and beer snorkels. Yeah... its a bit crazy - why aren't these guys famous?
Grumpy's Green in Fitzroy - Amazing bar with heaps of boutique beers and live music most of the time. These guys had a really old school swing vibe which the man and I weren't 100% sold on. It was fun and different though.

And just because, here are some photos of Phillip Island Kangaroos


Sunday, October 21, 2012

D Day

It started as any other day. With sightless industry I worked my way through the caverns and passageways that my comrades and I had created over many cycles, largely undisturbed. I knew the sun had risen due to the increased warmth of the earth within which I dwelt but had no concept of the time. The first I knew of the invasion was a blunt metal object plummeting past me and through one of the many unnamed family members who share this underground world with me. My first instinct as always when threatened was to dive. Digging and squirming down through the earth and yet despite my best efforts I was unceremoniously lifted with mountainous clumps of dirt tossed to the ground, plant roots tangled around the metal device and the searing heat of the sun scorched my unaccustomed skin. The scene that awaited me was truly terrifying. 

A giant or demi-god as they would come to call it, with a pitchfork in one hand and secateurs in the other lent over our home with what is hard to describe. Not murderous intent surely, this beast was not a vicious killer. It was however without compassion, how could it have any? In its bulky mass it has but one heart! Its limited comprehension of what dwelt below the surface of our world meant that we were all in mortal danger.

The mass exodus of cockroaches was the first visible reaction to the intruder. They fled like the cowards that they are from the underbrush. With somewhat guilty satisfaction I noticed that their scuttling desertion alerted the birds and distracted them from my brothers and I writhing on the ground. They swooped from the tree branches and snatched the nasty turn-coats before they reached the safety of the next garden bed.     

The snail, General Eran Spahbod is our head of homeland defence - not, I will admit in hindsight, the greatest choice, however the list of volunteers for this position is highly limited and what he lacks in speed he makes up for in spirit. His final stand was much like that of King-Kong standing atop the Empire State Building however, the only tall structure available was the particularly long stem of a galanthus which swayed precariously under his considerable bulk. As he reached his antennae skyward in brave defiance, the demi-god plucked him from his perch and placed him in amongst some greenery some way away. It was a tactical error on behalf of the giant to let him live for at that moment General Spahbod vowed to devour every lettuce that the giant planted from this day forth.

It was not as I had hoped the end of the nightmare on that fateful day. I could only watch as the earth was continuously heaved upwards with so much force that my comrades clung to whatever they could. Our heritage listed weeds, older than time itself were upended, ripped from their very roots. Brother Slater, head of the sect of the golden woodlice cowered in fear wrapping around himself in a perfect sphere. No doubt his thoughts were consumed by the seven mantis of the apocalypse. I attended to one of the wounded as best I could. Since he was sliced in half he was crawling with determination in two different directions and with no little effort I managed to shepherd him back together

Now that the earth was turned upside down, alien plants were forced into the caverns deliberately created by an unforgiving trowel. No doubt these plants were edible for the giant but we have yet to see if they are nontoxic to us as well. Then came the flood.

Big unnatural droplets from the end of a worn green hose, they fell with violence turning the earth to mud. It crushed Lepidoptera the unfortunate moth. Until this point, she had been peacefully sleeping through all the mayhem, her nocturnal habits weakened her defences in comparison to her cousins the butterflies who had left earlier in the day to find flowers. The dust coating her silver grey wings was shed over the muddy ground  and she thrashed in terror before ceasing all movement. So, in a different sense, she peacefully slept once more.

Finally a calm overcame the garden. The giant stood wiping its brow, leaving behind it a smear of earth like battle paint across it's fearsome face. It called out to its mate who came, placing an arm around the other and speaking words of encouragement. "Baby, it looks fantastic! I can't wait to try the tomatoes when they are grown. " I sighed inwardly. This exchange gave me the solace that whatever ends the giant was attempting to meet were done, now we could rebuild in peace. As I dove through the now soft earth I thought I heard "I think tomorrow I start on the carrots". My cold blood ran colder and I shuddered. I pray I was wrong and that we won't have to live this horror again tomorrow.              


Thursday, October 18, 2012


This month I have been on fire buying beauty products and indulging my girly side. I got a hair cut with a fringe which I have decided this morning that I do actually like. The jury was out after the nanna blow wave she gave me but after washing it, it looks much more like me.  I bought a DIY acrylic nail set, eye lash curler and bb cream. I never spend money on stuff like this. I have never in my life owned an eye lash curler. I used it last night to see what it was like and I can't see any difference to be honest. The bb cream seemed ok, just like tinted moisturizer really. I guess though that you don't know if these creams work until a week later when you break out - which I did - and now it is too late. I don't think it had anything to do with the amazing amount of junk food that has been rocking around my house. Sometimes my cupboards look like I am preparing for a kids birthday party (especially when chocolate biscuits are on sale - the man loves them).

I am excited about the acrylic nails. I had to wait 2 weeks for postage from Hong Kong, which is so long and it never came. The ebay seller is sending it again but I hate waiting. It is possible that I will burn my nails with the primer, turn my nails yellow because of the undoubtedly poor quality acrylics or cause a fungal/bacterial infection. My friend who is a nail-tech has threatened to fly here to take it off me. Which is fine actually, she can do my nails while she is here. As with so many of my projects - I will get bored eventually (hopefully before I do any damage) but I just want to know if I can do it.

Actually I haven't been bored much seeing as the last month has been crazy at our house. Good but crazy. I graduated on the 11th of September (ended up being the 12th but I will cry about that some other day) so mum and dad were here - awesome. We threw our late house warming in two parts: friends and family on two separate weekends... I will not be entertaining again for a long time but it was so much fun having everyone visit our place. One of the man's uncles house is going to auction next week so they have been working like maniacs to get that all cleaned. Because they are just around the corner they come to our place for dinner. That has been fun actually because I get to practice my cooking. I helped with some of the house and garden cleaning and even though I don't feel like I helped all that much, I was sore for the next couple of days.

Speaking of gardening! I say this every week and it doesn't happen but I am hell-bent on this weekend being a ZERO commitment weekend. I am not planning to do anything but play in my garden, clean the house and practice my guitar lessons. I need to get a wriggle on if I am going to have veges by Summer so gardening is a must. I won't be growing any cabbage though, I am still drowning in cabbage. I have 2 big red ones and half a green left and I am worried I will get another one on Wednesday. I am running out of things to do with them. Braised cabbage doesn't sound very good and I just did some research on sauerkraut and that looks like a lot of work for something I don't have good memories of anyway.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

No pill for lazy

I hate waking up. I simply hate it! I am groggy and cranky and it is cold outside of my super warm doona-cocoon. What is with people who can jump out of bed and dive into their day? I don't understand it! They are out jogging in the morning sun, catching up on household chores, eating breakfast and getting to work on time while I am still in bed. I miss breakfast... a lot. I thought maybe there was something medically wrong with me ... like sleep apnea or a strange circadian rhythm because there are cures for that. As it turns out there is no pill to cure lazy. So I have been doing some research on how to motivate myself out of bed and here is what I found:

One blog by Vincent Cheung gives a pretty logical method for waking up (actually the whole article is really interesting). I tried it this morning and did actually get out of bed so it has worked for one morning. I will keep trying to see if I can stretch it to a whole week!
"I use a very simple system that can be done by even the most frugal of people. I can't remember when I first started doing this, but it's been at least 7 years. Here's what you do:
  1. Set an alarm to go off before the latest time you want to wake up.
    • Make the alarm really quiet radio or music.
  2. Set a second alarm to go off at the latest time you want to wake up.
    • This is your regular alarm that will wake you up no matter what."
Another idea that I found was around the concept that if you have to do a puzzle in the morning it will help to wake up your mind. Like wake up and play a couple of games of sudoku on your phone... I did give it a try ... sort of... I woke up a bit, glared at my alarm clock, glanced at my phone, considered picking up my phone, hit the snooze button on the alarm clock and went back to sleep. That is where puzzle clocks come in.
The puzzle explodes in the morning and you have to put it back together before the alarm will stop.
This rocket alarm made me giggle too:

But I decided to buy this one (it was only $15 so not a massive investment). It is supposed to fire the spinning thing into the air and let it buzz around the room. You have to catch it and return it to the base before the alarm will stop.

The man thinks that more than likely he will be the one who has to run around the bedroom after it. He might be right. I should maybe get him a shotgun... he he
Photo from here (not sure if it is copyright or not)
The last phase of my get up early campaign is: Jerry Seinfeld's Productivity Secret . The main idea is that you get a year calendar and put a cross every day that you do whatever it is that is your goal to do. Sorry that is a terrible sentence. So every day that I get up early I can mark on my calendar with the aim of keeping the chain going without breaking it. So I have one cross... hopefully tomorrow I will have 2!

Talk again soon!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Inspirational cooking

Looking for a way to make cabbage and brussels sprouts interesting? Try this recipe. It doesn't seem that interesting but it was so good! INSPIRATIONAL! Especially seeing as it has been a bloody cold Melbourne winter. Something about the pasta, salt and warm cabbaggie goodness was very fulfilling. I joined a farmer direct delivery service and every week I get a box of veges to my house. The cool thing is that I don't pick the veges so it is a bit like a lucky dip. It isn't very expensive although I am not very good with vegetable prices and comparing for the best rate anyway so I figure for convenience and the fact that we never get through the whole box in a week, it is worth what they charge. The only problem is that we don't eat a kilo of potato and carrots per week... not even close and we are not big cabbage eaters but because it is in season I seem to get it every week.

I wonder how this guy ate his cabbage?

It is forcing me to be more creative in the kitchen. Being a vegetarian means that I have to structure my meals differently to the way mum used to when I lived at home. My parents and baby brother are mostly carnivorous so you could hear a pin drop the day I told them I was becoming a vegetarian, it would have been less awkward if I was telling them that I had killed someone or crashed their car. My mum would normally plan dinner around meat eg. tonight we are having chicken so I will make that with a side of pasta and then add vegetables. When there is no meat you have to be a bit careful that you don't end up with a mountain of carbohydrates and no real nutrition. I am getting better at it but still not great. There is something about carbs that makes me happy. Low carb diets are linked to depression apparently which I guess makes sense. Speaking of cooking I just found a blog/website that is so beautiful I wanted to share called Love and Olive Oil. The curried sweet potato soup is making me hungry!

We are going to a wedding tomorrow (day off work ... whoop whoop!) so I got to buy a new dress. It was only $20 so I bought 2, a silver ring and a pair of big glass-cut-to-look-like-diamond earrings (they were so cheap I don't even think they were made of fake glass... perspex maybe?). Someone said to me that cheap jewellery looks ok on the day but horrible in photographs. I have no idea if it is true but to be honest, when it comes to jewellery I don't care how much you judge me I just can't justify more than $10 on something
1. I will never wear again or will wear 3 times before I lose it under the bed to the dust bunnies (creepy little suckers steal socks too)
2. I find so uncomfortable that I can't sleep with them on
3. I can't eat - candy jewellery I may make an exception for
4. Will ruin the brides photos... not mine (selfish I know but the gift we are giving is not)

I just saw one of my pages has had over 1000 visitors! That is more than 1000 people have stopped by to see my crack talk over the internet. I can hardly believe it! So now that I am a celebrity I guess I should start being interesting huh? You might be out of luck there sorry. 


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Everyone in the room is now dumber

I left my tablet PC with The Man for the day because he needs to research Norse Mythology for his photography assignment (I miss being an art student!). Anyway the significance is that the tablet contains my diploma notes which I have been reading on my 45 min tram ride to work the last 3 days so today I went back to the old-school paperback novel. I am reading a book called Past Mortem By Ben Elton which is about an English copper investigating some very grisly murders. It is a good read - I like my books less trashy than my TV and this one is easy to read but a bit more intelligent than Jersey Shore. The book belonged to a friend and I can't help but wonder if he read it before he passed away. Something about the way the book is written reminds me of him. Regardless it is very different from the Disc World novels and Building and Construction lecture notes that I have been reading of late.

Actually, come to think of it I have been reading a lot of new stuff. The book reader on my phone means that if someone recommends something I can just download it on the spot. I even let the reader send me recommendations. I was super impressed by the Hunger Games (easy read, interesting story, couldn't put it down) BUT I was very very very very very disappointed in 50 Shades of Grey. I will keep this short because I am afraid that I start to rant when I think about that book - it was dreadful and not because it was raunchy but because it was poorly written and there was nothing likeable about the story/characters/anything. This is the best review I have seen yet and it mirrors my feelings exactly! I am still angry that I spent $8 and effectively supported an author who a) can't write b) endorses borderline spousal abuse as long as he is rich, good looking and good in bed and c) can't think of a better descriptive word than "Crap" (101 times according to the before mentioned review), and expressive phrase than "Oh My" (every second sentence if you ask me but apparently only 79 times). FFS! And they are talking about making it into a movie ... it makes my soul hurt.

So this weekend is our first full weekend in our new house. I am having a ladder delivered on Saturday so that I can remove the lawn growing on the carport roof. We are going to:
- Turn the carport into an outside entertainment area
- Fix the back doorway before the rotten beam finally breaks
- Put some of the roof tiles back on the roof (they are in a tree right now)
- Turn the washing machine that the moving man dropped on its head into a brazier
- Fill in the hole left by removing that dead tree from the front yard
- Start my lasagne style vege patch 
- Rake up the Autumn leaves which have been killing the grass over winter

Actually the garden needs more work than a single weekend or ten. It has been ignored for a very long time unfortunately but I like a challenge. I worry that by the time our place is all fixed up the landlord will finally get approval to knock it down. Anyway... I must get back to work.


Monday, August 13, 2012

Fun and Trash

The Man went away on a boys weekend last weekend so while I was home alone tidying up some stuff for work I watched the first season of Jersey Shore (and just put season 2 on my Quickflix list). It is no secret that I am a consumer of pop&trash culture (see that? I created a new genre!) and I am not ashamed. These kids seriously shouldn't drink so much... but if they didn't it wouldn't be so absorbing. Their relationship issues are so dramatic and their arguments are so superficial - the makings of great trash TV. Reminds me of high school, which I still romanticize about but hated for the most part - aside from a very select but amazing group of friends. Tween to teenage BS is far to chaotic (I find enough chaos when I don't look for it).

I am back in the office this week with the renovations all done - new carpet, fresh wall paint, new IT system and a new rack that sounds like it is about to take off every time the fans start running. Someone found a Dali print in a frame hidden behind some shelves and put it above my desk. There is something about this particular painting that resonates with me. It is the typical melting clock but it looks like it is in agony the numbers trying to escape the face, parts of its insides twisting and contorting. A moth sits in the bottom left hand corner looking lost while a fly sitting on the 9 o'clock mark of the clock is about to be sucked into a crack (maybe a tear or a mountain range... with Dali it is sometimes hard to tell) which takes up almost a quarter of the clock face. A calm bay is in the far background but is completely overshadowed by the chaos pouring from the tortured time piece in the foreground... I wonder if the person who bought it had intended for it to be a metaphor for nine-to-five work or if it is a coincidence. I think I am the fly. Or the 6 which is casually sneaking off the clock into the boarder of the painting.

I found the print!
Oh and also - the office palm tree died and they put it on my desk. Poor bugger. I really liked that palm tree but I never took care of it so I guess I am not so surprised it has gone to wherever trees go after they have been neglected. Maybe I should get a fish bowl for the office? It looks like an office that might have a fish bowl now. Only problem is that the fish would be mighty hungry over the weekend.  


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Interior heating

So for the first time ever, I understand why people bang on about inside heating. It is freaking freezing in here! I am clutching my coffee cup in a vain attempt to keep my hands from freezing and my toes - despite the double socks - are a weird shade of icy-purple. I am going to invest in a set of thermal long johns... and USB foot warmers.
USB Foot Warmer Hedgehog Slippers
I am working from home this week. Which is awesome because I roll out of bed and I am good to go. It is also horrible because I have no desire to change out of my pajamas - and may not for the rest of the week. Here is a graphical representation of the pros and cons of working from home from my favorite time-wasting websites.

Love to all!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Times they are a changing

I think last time I posted I was talking about my little shoebox apartment and now I am living in a three bedroom house! With a YARD! A real, grassy, long-enough-to-play-back-yard-cricket kind of yard. And there is a garden, and the owner doesn't care about it because he is going to bull doze it eventually anyway so I can do whatever I want with it! And before you ask - the reason I live in places that are due to be condemned is because they are cheap so I can spend my disposable income on shoes instead of someone else' mortgage. Speaking of shoes, I really really need to invest in a new pair. These ones have cracks in the bottoms so that when I walk on wet grass the water soaks my stockings and makes my feet cold. It isn't a money issue - it is a pure laziness issue. I don't like shopping (sorry mum but you did not pass that gene to me... I wonder where it went because Sprout it definitely not a shopper) so I avoid it like the plague. I do like shopping online though because when you get the parcel in the mail it is so exciting. Like Christmas.

Speaking of Sprout and shopping: I got a gift card to a kitchen store which doesn't have any stores in Victoria (that I could find) so I sent it to my baby brother Sprout (in Queensland) to buy me either: A Bread-maker, a Bar-mix or a Food Processor which he could put in his luggage and bring to me when he comes to visit for the snow. The poor man got stuck in a kitchen store, completely out of his element and here is our text message conversation: 

Sprout: Hey Jane, I'm at that store. I'm gonna keep looking but so far they don't seem to have anything worth buying. It's just plates and sh*t nobody would use.
Me: Sorry for sending you to hell but would you ask the attendant if they have anything other than plates?
Sprout: Do you want an electric salt shaker?
Me: No... no I really don't need one of those
Sprout: Went to a different store and had a win :) the woman helped me instead of leaving me lost and scared. I found a food-processor/bar-mix. It is both. I don't think I could've got one that baked bread as well though but I did ask. She says they don't exist.
Me: Thanks Sprout! You are my hero xxx
Sprout: I know. I'm pretty awesome. Got lucky on this one though. You were about 4 minutes away from being the proud owner of an apple spiral.
Me: Well, I dodged a bullet on that one - actually I don't have one of those
Sprout: I'd be surprised if anyone has an apple spiral 50 bucks for a tiny little hand wound lathe seems like a bad investment to me. It didn't mention an ability to do any other types of fruit or vegetable either. I guess it could be good for making martini orange spirals.
Me: Or carrot spirals?
Sprout: I don't even know if I want to ask what kind of bizarre vegetarian thing they would be used for.
Me: Garnishes mostly. When I quit my job and buy a restaurant I'll be sorry I don't have a veg spiral.

Here are some of my favorite snow photos from Mt Buller:

This was the most common position for all of us on the first day. Britt was carving it up every day after but falling on the ice was her specialty to start with.

Happy to be someplace warm that serves beer after our first day of snow-falling

Miss T looking resplendent in her designer ski gear

Sammy joining us for a beer (just one though because he was our designated driver)

Baby Bro Sprout in his ski gear

The Man just chillin' in the snow half way down the run.

We had a blast! I can't wait to do it again next winter!

xox Love to all

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It snapped!

Alright I went and snapped the E string. The rest of the guitar was in tune but I turned the thing too tight (or maybe there is something sharp that needs to be filed down) and it exploded. I almost lost an eye! Maybe that is a bit melodramatic, but it made a funny noise. My baby brother's response: "LOL Yeah the high E string or little string for beginners is pretty easy to snap."  Sooo when he gets to Melbourne (Yay Sprout is coming to visit me for the snow!) he is going to fix it for me, and hopefully he will tune the thing properly as well.

Last month I flew to Sydney, back to Melbourne and then to Perth for work conferences. My marketing assistant went on holidays so I took over his events just for last week. When I left Melbourne I could see clouds on my breath but when I landed in Sydney I almost didn't need my jacket. Sydney weather is awesome, the coffee is not - I might be a bit of a snob when it comes to coffee but seriously I had a headache for the two days I was there because I couldn't get through an entire cup (Now that is serious!). Actually Perth weather was really nice too. The coffee was about 50 times better than Sydney but still not as good as Melbourne. The conferences were boring for me. I have a base level understanding of what FEA Analysis is but not much about how it works. I liked the key note speakers though. One was talking about stress on welded joints (doesn't sound interesting but it was) and the other was a geologist who uses our software to analyse the movement of magma below the Earths surface. The day before the confrerences I was running around organising catering and AV and all that jazz. On the day of the conference I was making coffee and greeting people. I think that one of the speakers put a picture of a mouse in one of his slides to see if we were paying attention. No one made any comment. I saw it. Not because I was paying attention, just because I like mice.

Speaking of mice, because I was in Perth, I decided to stay for the weekend so I could visit my friend and her family. They have only recently moved into the house they are in and they seem to have inherited a mouse. Well 2 mice actually. We discovered this after a bottle of wine and after chasing these furry little demons around the house, we caught them both in take-away containers from the Flying Taco and delivered them to the alley behind the house of a woman who lets her dog deffacate on my friend's lawn. Take that dog poo woman! I think my friend should get a cat... mine killed three mice this week. I have a 1 bedroom shoebox sized apartment so I don't know where they are hiding but my cat is making them wish they lived somewhere else thats for sure.     

xox Love to all

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Learning some new skills

Its paint job is dodgy and it smells like metho but its my first guitar and I am really excited to have it. I didn't pay much for it (and it shows) but on my brothers advice; it has steel strings, tuner and all the bits that an acoustic guitar is supposed to have and I AM going to learn how to play it. The last time I picked up a guitar it was at school (grade 8 probably). The project was to learn a simple song and mine was "Freak" by Silverchair. I am a bit suprised that when I picked up my new guitar I can still play it, all three notes. Only problem is (besides not being particularly interested in playing Silverchair) that I need to work at tuning it because it is definitly not making the right noises. I get the theory: 6th string is the one at the top and the thickest and if I don't touch anything and strum just that string it should be 'E' and according to the electronic guitar tuner (which incidentally does not in fact tune the guitar - just tells me when it is not in tune) it is. So I have one sixth of my guitar tuned. The next string down is supposed to be A then D then G then B and finally E (thats the thinnest string at the bottom). So A is posing some difficulty. I can make it sound like a G and thats just about it. Also the tuner keeps giving me weird numbers that I don't understand. So basically I am not a rockstar yet but I am working on it.

Since I finished my studies I am trying to learn some new skills for fun rather than for work or uni. First is guitar and second is knitting. My Nanna showed me how to knit when I was little and I simply could not remember how to do it. After watching several youtube videos and reading several websites I think I worked it out. Sort of - it would be nice if dropped stitches weren't so damn obvious! And yes... that square looks more like a trapezoid. It started with 25 stitches and ended with something like 52. No idea what I did. It started out pretty well. The blue one unravelled because Honey thought it existed solely for her amusement. Silly cat. 

Some other projects:
As you may have noticed from the photo of the guitar, the water in my fish tank is a little yellow. It is the tannens from the wood but I am getting a little sick of it actually and it doesn't look very good so I am downgrading my fresh water set up to this bowl which hopefully will be easier to maintain. Not sure if I am going to sell the fish tank or turn it into a salt water tank yet.

Its sad that I have a million photos that I never look at because they are on my harddrive so I printed some of my faves and put them on my wall. I hate the multiple photo frames but string and pegs looks pretty cool. I think so anyway.

My parsley seedling is going great guns! I have to get him a bigger pot so that he can really branch out but his future is looking pretty bright. Honey really needs to leave the poor thing alone though.

Mr Faulty is not doing so good. He is hopelessly root bound and his lazy owner has not yet bought him a bigger pot. I have stolen some of his leaves for different meals but feel dreadful because he looks so depressed. Yes - those are pencils, I did not have any proper stakes and the dried spagghetti kept snapping.

xox Love to all

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Working in Japan

My work trip to Japan in pictures (avoiding the work part obviously due to its boringness):

This is the little bit I saw of China and it rained the whole 3 hours!
The toilets are basically robots. They are so clever they can sing, warm the seat, detect when you are done and flush for you and shoot water up your hooha.
This is the toilet in my hotel room - any smarter and it would become selfaware with disasterous consequences (ie. Skynet)
Catching the Narita Express
Vending machines for anything you could want (beer included). I was told you can even get used underware.
Indian food on the first night (this is the ladies set... which is absolutly massive)
Cherry blossoms were out and so very very pretty!
Even the coffee in my hotel was high tech - that is a filter with ground coffee that sits over the cup and you fill it with boiling water. Only problem is that I can't get the photo to rotate to the correct position.
Japanese breakfast: Rice, marinaded vegetables and miso soup (awesome!)

Its a game that looks like pin ball but apparently there is more involved than that. I think it is a kind of gambling though? Not too sure what the story was but there were about 5 more rows of machines like this in the room.
And there were buckets and buckets of ball bearings behind the players.
Everything has cute cartoon characters. In the supermarket it felt like the shelves are all smiling at you as you walk past!
More miso soup with rice balls. Amazing :)
If it had been a week of holiday this would have been a very different set of photos but it was for work so I was in back to back meetings and training sessions all though the day (except for lunch which was fantastic each day... I love food!) and then doing my normal job from the hotel after dinner (again - fantastic) then on the plane back home. Really long flights!

Just performed some minor design changes: It is autumn which explains the new backdrop and I dyed my hair back to a more natural colour for me. The leaves are already turning and it is nice blending into my surroundings. 

Love to all

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