Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another day another diet

Hi All,

(Written in September... didn't push the publish button! Rookie mistake)

It has been a while since I updated last but I have excuses! Uni, work and new fitness regime. Not that I need that much of an excuse to take time off blogging but I do feel a little slack.

So what has been happening since I spoke to you last? I have finished a semester of uni with only two subjects left to complete before I get my degree ... thats 10 years at uni for those who are counting. So needless to say I am pretty jazzed about the prospect of not needing to do another assignment ... ever! Only downside is that due to scheduling conflicts the university have not offered either of the two remaining subjects this semester so I have to wait until the end of the year. No biggie because in my time off I am going to keep myself busy with a new fitness challenge and I signed up as a volunteer at the local theatre company. Yep thats right... I can't sit still for more than 2 maybe 4 seconds.

And I am on another diet. This one I am going to stick to *laughs* .... no really I am. It's a lot better organised than my other attempts and although I am in a whole world of pain from running my little heart out - I feel stronger and my fridge looks like it belongs to a fitness finatic! One thing that is going to cause me some major pain is that I am supposed to cut down on my coffee consumption - apparently if I drink a cup of coffee every day I need to have a good hard look at myself... who doesn't drink coffee every day? Seriously!?! Oh and 6 days of training a week - I am going to be an athlete after this! At least it is interesting and I didn't need to join a gym (my inner-tight-ass is therefore happy) ... although if I am very good and keep up the hard work for the full 12 weeks, I am going to treat myself to a gym membership. 

My work hours changed too in the last couple of weeks from whenever I am awake to 9 to 5. Loving it! I really like shutting down my pc after work and not thinking about it until the next day at 9am. Just wondering how long this is going to last.

Written in November (i.e. today and this time I am gonna press the publish button!)

So far I actually have stuck to the diet! I am up to week 10 and although I haven't lost a tonne of weight, I did run 5km without stopping today which is massive for me. I have been steadily losing a bit every week and have mostly been sticking to the eating plan but I think the most important thing has been exercising every day (mostly... 5-6 times a week anyway). Thats been good for my mental health too I think! All of it is positive anyway.

In other news, I went to the Melbourne cup with my mum and dad this year where they met the new boyfriend (new isn't exactly right and it's "Facebook Offical" don't you know, so calling him the boyfriend is ok now... *laughs* such a Gen Y concept). Also, I have a big trip planned in December through January. Well big is maybe not the best description but it will do. Bundaberg, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Alstonville - family Christmas and all that. I am excited about it.

Ok ok it's all happening but I will leave it at that for now. Will try to update a bit more regularly for a bit.

Love to all!

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