Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Again

No matter how much I wanted the weekend to stay, I woke up and it was Monday again. Lame. Today has been pretty successful though I have to say. Completed many tasks at work... unfortunately many more to go but I am working through the paper mountain. The exciting thing though for today is the fact that I am watching a movie on my PS3 and my working television.

So here is the story of my newish TV

My friend found a TV on the side of the road. It had been raining and whoever owned the TV before it ended up in my house had cut the power cord... presumably so that no one would take it? Well we showed them! The TV sat here in my lounge room for about a month because for some reason, the fact that I have it in my house means that I am now responsible for its disposal and I would feel guilty about leaving it on the side of the street. What kind of greenie would I be? (The answer to that question is "light green" very very light green) After staring at it for a while I decided it needed to start working again. I talked to my electrician friend who said that legally I am allowed to replace the plug, all I have to do is go to Bunnings and buy one for about $3, pull the plastic coating back and put the copper bits in the colour coded clamps and voila... new plug. And when I plugged my new plug into the power ... the TV worked! Whoop! So I bought a set top box and an RV Cable for my PS3 and it all works. The reception in my apartment is a bit rubbish but that is because whoever painted the walls didn't even try to avoid the TV Antenna socket. The TV is perfect (well its a bit of a downgrade from the 42 inch plasma but the sense of achievement makes up for that) and the first movie I am watching is Astro Boy!

Now it is time to get some work done before I curl up with Honey for a proper nights sleep.

xox love to all

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