Friday, July 1, 2011

Radio and peroxide

Friday night, I am at home with my cat in my new pad, just bleached the living daylights (or should I say nightlights?) out of my hair and am relaxing on a blow up matteress, in front of my work computer, listening to the radio. Life is grand! ... meanwhile, said cat has actually just put a hole in my matteress and I am mostly sitting on the carpet. I have been in my new apartment for almost a month I think and I don't have a couch yet (I don't have a TV so it hasn't seemed that terribly necessary). Now that I am sitting on the ground though, my number one priority is to buy a couch. In fact I have been looking for a while and found the perfect one at IKEA.

It is 142cm wide - which is lucky because the space I have to fit it in is only 160cm, and it folds out into a double bed. PERFECT! Except for one tiny little thing... it is over $500 and as such over my budget (trying to be good with money at the moment). So I turned to Ebay and found it listed for $100, now that is more like it! I put a bid on it 2 mins before end of bidding and was winning for a full 1 minuet and 55 seconds before some wanker outbid me by $2.50. I was getting cocky before the bidding closed, imagining my new couch in my apartment and me sitting on it reading a book and basically loving it only to be outbid by $2.50!!! I almost cried. So now I hope they have to re-list it, especially considering my backup has deflated. The matteress shredder is sitting on my lap now, all wide eyed innocence! Lucky I am in a fantastic mood otherwise I would be very cranky with her.

I am blonde again as of an hour ago. I really should keep on top of that a bit better, but I don't because there is always something more important to do. Now that quarter end is over (WOOOOP!) I will be able to chill a bit more and absolutely must get back to the gym! I haven't been in about 2 weeks and am starting to feel a little chunky. Will go tomorrow - speaking of which, I need to charge my mp3 player. Since my iPhone died I have separate devices for my electronic requirements: an mp3 player that is almost 5 years old (that is like 1000 years in electronics), a cr@py nokia (which only cost $50 - awesome) and my new tablet (which is probably my favorite thing in this world) for internet out and about. Actually, if anyone is going to die from cancer caused by radiowaves it will be me. I have 2 mobiles (one is for work), two laptops (again, one is for work), a wifi-hotspot, tablet... By rights, my edges should be cooked the same way food does when you put it in a microwave! My loungeroom is one big microwave! Interestingly I don't have one in my kitchen though (another thing on my to buy list).

Now I have some work and study to do before I call it a night.
Hope you are all having a brilliant Friday night like me!

Love to All

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