Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Somebody flicked a switch because it went from normal shitty Melbourne weather to freezing cold and rainy shitty Melbourne weather in the space of a couple of days. Really glad that I live in Australia because this grey miserableness ends in a couple of weeks to a month tops. I feel for the people all the way up in the Northern Hemisphere who have this for 6 months of the year. Meanwhile... right now they are enjoying their Spring/Summer while I am freezing my ass off in what is supposed to be Autumn! I promise I will stop ranting after this one last comment: I HATE FOOTBALL and it is a religion here!

So onto brighter news... my office has heating!

I know I am supposed to be working/studying but I managed to find time to do a bit of research in the last couple of days.

#1 discovery - David Bowie has anisocoria... he had part of his right eye dislocated during a [play?] fight with a school friend called George Underwood which is why one pupil is bigger than the other. And yes... before you judge me... I did go to a website called "Bowie Wonder World". I tried to explain this to someone else and I made the same mistake... it is his left eye (obviously). In the photo it is on my right so his left. The left/right thing messes me up every time!

#2 discovery - Albert Fish = Crazy-sick-twisted man! And actually so is Gary Ridgeway for that matter. 
#3 discovery - I should not research serial killers when I am by myself and without lights 
#4 discovery - Refer #3 but for watching Paranormal Activity ... even though I watched it with Miss V... I still had to sleep with a night light on for a couple of nights

#5 discovery - It is not only possible but also common for men to have brown hair and a ginger beard. I was wondering because my dad has ginger in his beard (which explains my little brother) but apparently Ginger-beard-men aren't that rare. There is a Facebook page dedicated to it. There is a scientific explanation behind it but I won't bore you with it... something about having enough ginger indicators on so many chromosomes but not enough to be a full ginger.

And now I really should get some work done... Is it lunch time yet?
By the way: why does blogger bother with having a spell checker? Since when is miserableness a word?... Actually one sec (I love the internet) - Just checked the dictionary and it is a word! Spell checker is still broken.

Love to all

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