Monday, May 16, 2011

Late assignment ... again

This was me when I woke up this morning.

This is me when I got to work this morning (except I think my boobs are bigger than hers... hair equally as dishevilled)

And that is how I got through today...

Why you might ask?


I Handed in an assignment at 5.30am this morning. Now in my defense, I have been working ridiculous hours and I just didn't have enough time to focus on my assignment (and I wasted my entire Saturday watching movies with Miss V ... a girl needs a break!). I am however incapable of finishing these things within a comfortable time before the due date. Normally I hand in a mediocre piece of work a couple of minuets before it is due ... this time I handed it in 5 and a half hours after it was due. I would have just thrown it together normally and hoped for the best (I am an average student who puts in minimal effort - C is still a degree - also I work full time so don't be too harsh on me) but this time I am really interested in the subject so I got a bit caught up in the research and design of it so next thing I know... its overdue. Meanwhile... I wrote a kick-ass assignment! Pretty pissed off with myself actually because I am going to lose about 10% of my mark because it was late. If I had just started sooner! But then I wouldn't be me, I would be some crazy alien version of me who is organised and no one wants to see that.

Speaking of organised --> I wrote a budget this month. It is becoming necessary seeing as my paychecks aren't so easy to predict (in terms of when they will be handed out I mean) and I keep getting caught on pay day with no money and no pay. Lame. Regardless, I think my budget is good, I have $56.89 spending money for the month. Yeah I know it sucks but I'm a struggling uni student remember? ... with a full time job. Food, bills and necessities are covered and I think, if I use my plastic card of doom I might be able to sign up for the adult education classes I want to do. I want to do a language course in Dutch and hopefully score a job in the Netherlands when I finish my degree. You can do that after 12 weeks of classes right? Living in Europe sounds sooooo exotic (and cold... there is such a thing as cold exotic, doesn't have to be palm trees and tropical sun you know). Anyway... if I stick to my budget this month, I will be in a brilliant position next month and can start saving for doing what I want. And that's the plan until I mess it up by going drinking with my flatmates or something equally as silly... eeep! wish me luck?

Awww! Life imitating Art... Do you think it was deliberate? I mean... why else with the stupid hat? Sorry... hats.

Don't remember if I have posted this before but it is right up there in my top 10 WTFs:

It is a real product and you can buy it online for $22 ... why you would buy it I cannot answer.

So you can buy it here and the sales pitch is almost as funny as the concept:
Introducing Potty Fisher. The toilet time fishing game that lets you enjoy some fishing whilst going to the bathroom.
Sure it sounds a little fishy (pardon the pun), but for the fisherman that just can't get enough of the sport it's the perfect gift!
With a water themed mat, an extendable fishing rod, a collapsible bowl for water and of course 4 fish - it's all an angler needs to keep entertained when on the job. There's even a "Do Not Disturb" sign included to ensure uninterrupted fishing!
Uninterrupted fishing... So that is what has been missing from my life (Ew)

xox Love to all


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