Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just Breathe ...

I know that I promised to put up some photos from Fiji... and I will... but I have not stopped running since I got back and so haven't had time. I have been putting the photos on Facebook in between doing other stuff and then I will put them up here although by now I guess no one is interested anymore *laughs* Still this one was taken by my friend when we went surfing on the reef break at Nomotu Left and gives you an idea of the scenery we had to suffer through.

Can you believe this sunset?

So since I have been back, I have completed 2 assignments, joined the gym (and am actually going to the gym more than 3 times a week - go me!) and went to a Royal Wedding party. I really do like fairy tales and the dress was beautiful. This weekend is super exciting because my Mum is coming to visit. I even cleaned my car for the occasion (I am picking her up from the airport and don't want the first thing she sees to be my manky car full of garbage and the like) and because it was so disgusting, I wrote a poem:

When I cleaned my car today, guess what I did find....
7 miscellaneous plates
6 lolly wrappers
5 drinking vessels
4 books and a thesaurus
3 unpaid overdue notices
2 pieces of clothing
and a tin of Milo that expired in '06

Even though it looks like I have too much time on my hands... I don't, this is just how I keep myself sane...

Oh oh oh! I almost forgot - I got to see my school friend this week. We caught up for dinner because she was in Melbourne. I haven't seen her in 5 years so dinner wasn't really enough but we talked for a couple of hours and had Sushi Train at this dodgy place on Swanston St in the city (more fun that just having sushi - because it is on a train!). She is a qualified draftsman (or draftswoman?) and beautician and now she is training Process Change Management ... crazy intelligent and probably the most beautiful person I know. Moving around has seriously made me lose touch with some incredible friends! Still it was super amazing seeing her again, AND she told me that her brother (1 year older than me) just had his 10 year high school reunion... do you know what that means? I have been out of school for 9 years and I haven't finished one degree (even though I have been studying for.... 9 years). So now I really need to finish uni this year otherwise I am going to be in that awkward group at my high school reunion that still doesn't know what they are going to do with themselves and it's not like I can blame it on having kids or a high flying husband (although I might make one up?). 

Anyway I must fly because I have "much to do and less time to do it in" (Robin Hood: Men in Tights - if you haven't seen it... do!). Spell checker is broken again --- I did pass high school English it's just that I got lazy after and spell checker is soooooo convenient so ignore my bad spelling.  

Whoarrrr ! Express posting at its most average :)

P.S. My phone is broken - and I am not that impressed actually
P.S.S. I am really going to go now and get some work done

xox Love to all

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