Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fiji Photos

So as promised, here are some of the photos I took in Fiji:

This was the first resort we stayed in on the Coral Coast - we were the only guests

Pounded grog is kava... like alcohol but not.

I have a fascination with these things!

The dogs and pigs were hanging out together and there were no fences. I think the plan is to eat the pigs though... I don't think Fijian's eat dogs.

The security guard at our resort, Ali, helped us out with our lack of cup situation by opening green coconuts for us to drink our 58.9% alcohol Bounty Rum... headaches all round the next day

Ali also got us about $100 worth of fireworks ... he said they were illegal... I have my doubts but we had so much fun fireing them into the ocean so really I think $100 well spent (Fijian dollars too and with the exchange rate it was only $60 Australian dollars)

Britt and I look like wizards in this photo! (I'm the short one in the distance)

We were told that the Island across the bay is $1500 a night to stay (compared with ours... $30 a night). It is so exclusive that even Mr. Paris Hilton stays there... I don't think that the boys we were talking to actually know who Paris Hilton is.

We were in Lodge 4. The only reason I didn't gain a million pounds while staying in this resort is because we had to walk up a million stairs to get to our room. Only fun the first time.

I know you can't tell from the photo (depth perception really isn't my cameras strong suit) but this palm tree was easily 20m high and this guy climbed all the way up there and got us some coconuts!

Every resort we stayed at had a dog... this ones name is "Dog" and she doesn't belong to anyone in particular but is very friendly. She went to sleep under the hammok.

So cute!

Fire dancing at Beachcomber!

I don't know why but every family holiday I have ever been on, there is one of these photos.

Flea bites from the fleas of a dirty-stinky-backpacker who had the bed before me!

The photos just don't do the trip justice but at least it gives you an idea of the place. Beautiful even when it is raining, the most amazing sunsets and sunrises, rediculously friendly locals and a million things to see and do.

xox Love to all

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