Monday, May 30, 2011


This is how my day started
And then I think it was more like this

But honestly by the end it's gonna be like this

And everyone around me is trying not to make eye contact

At least I can still laugh about it!

xox Love to all

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pain free my @ss!

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal is not in fact hair removal, it is hair reduction, although after one session it's hard to see how much. Also it is not pain free, not that they actually said that anywhere but I didn't expect it to hurt!. And now that I have killed your dreams of easy hair removal (as mine were destroyed on Tuesday) ...

I bought an Android Tablet yesterday. I have never wanted a thing as much as I wanted this thing and I have just proven to myself that money can buy happiness no matter what they say. I should be more specific and say temporary happiness because its only a matter of time before I drop it/smash it in my bag or brick it like my poor iPhone. Then I will be sad. In the meantime what a fun/constructive/brilliant gadget it is!

After much umming and aahhing I decided on the Motorola Xoom:

And Yes... I am having trouble hearing over the sound of how awesome it is.
Only problems so far:

Telstra made me wait a couple of hours for the sim card to be active (agony)
Micro SD slot is there but it doesn't work (need to wait for it to be activated via firmware upgrade sometime in the future)
I am having trouble working because I want to play with my new toy.

Other than that it's great! Can't wait till I get home so that I can connect to the wireless and download like a bazillion apps. Sorry Apple, we had fun but since you decided to pack it in and gave me no way of fixing you I am out of the iMarket, probably for good. Need to figure out how to download all of my saved iPhone stuff onto the tablet... hmmm. Sounds like I have a good couple of weeks of procrastination up my sleeve. Need to spend some decent time studying this weekend though - exam on Monday.

Anyway, time for me to get back to work,

xox Love to all

Monday, May 16, 2011

Late assignment ... again

This was me when I woke up this morning.

This is me when I got to work this morning (except I think my boobs are bigger than hers... hair equally as dishevilled)

And that is how I got through today...

Why you might ask?


I Handed in an assignment at 5.30am this morning. Now in my defense, I have been working ridiculous hours and I just didn't have enough time to focus on my assignment (and I wasted my entire Saturday watching movies with Miss V ... a girl needs a break!). I am however incapable of finishing these things within a comfortable time before the due date. Normally I hand in a mediocre piece of work a couple of minuets before it is due ... this time I handed it in 5 and a half hours after it was due. I would have just thrown it together normally and hoped for the best (I am an average student who puts in minimal effort - C is still a degree - also I work full time so don't be too harsh on me) but this time I am really interested in the subject so I got a bit caught up in the research and design of it so next thing I know... its overdue. Meanwhile... I wrote a kick-ass assignment! Pretty pissed off with myself actually because I am going to lose about 10% of my mark because it was late. If I had just started sooner! But then I wouldn't be me, I would be some crazy alien version of me who is organised and no one wants to see that.

Speaking of organised --> I wrote a budget this month. It is becoming necessary seeing as my paychecks aren't so easy to predict (in terms of when they will be handed out I mean) and I keep getting caught on pay day with no money and no pay. Lame. Regardless, I think my budget is good, I have $56.89 spending money for the month. Yeah I know it sucks but I'm a struggling uni student remember? ... with a full time job. Food, bills and necessities are covered and I think, if I use my plastic card of doom I might be able to sign up for the adult education classes I want to do. I want to do a language course in Dutch and hopefully score a job in the Netherlands when I finish my degree. You can do that after 12 weeks of classes right? Living in Europe sounds sooooo exotic (and cold... there is such a thing as cold exotic, doesn't have to be palm trees and tropical sun you know). Anyway... if I stick to my budget this month, I will be in a brilliant position next month and can start saving for doing what I want. And that's the plan until I mess it up by going drinking with my flatmates or something equally as silly... eeep! wish me luck?

Awww! Life imitating Art... Do you think it was deliberate? I mean... why else with the stupid hat? Sorry... hats.

Don't remember if I have posted this before but it is right up there in my top 10 WTFs:

It is a real product and you can buy it online for $22 ... why you would buy it I cannot answer.

So you can buy it here and the sales pitch is almost as funny as the concept:
Introducing Potty Fisher. The toilet time fishing game that lets you enjoy some fishing whilst going to the bathroom.
Sure it sounds a little fishy (pardon the pun), but for the fisherman that just can't get enough of the sport it's the perfect gift!
With a water themed mat, an extendable fishing rod, a collapsible bowl for water and of course 4 fish - it's all an angler needs to keep entertained when on the job. There's even a "Do Not Disturb" sign included to ensure uninterrupted fishing!
Uninterrupted fishing... So that is what has been missing from my life (Ew)

xox Love to all


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fiji Photos

So as promised, here are some of the photos I took in Fiji:

This was the first resort we stayed in on the Coral Coast - we were the only guests

Pounded grog is kava... like alcohol but not.

I have a fascination with these things!

The dogs and pigs were hanging out together and there were no fences. I think the plan is to eat the pigs though... I don't think Fijian's eat dogs.

The security guard at our resort, Ali, helped us out with our lack of cup situation by opening green coconuts for us to drink our 58.9% alcohol Bounty Rum... headaches all round the next day

Ali also got us about $100 worth of fireworks ... he said they were illegal... I have my doubts but we had so much fun fireing them into the ocean so really I think $100 well spent (Fijian dollars too and with the exchange rate it was only $60 Australian dollars)

Britt and I look like wizards in this photo! (I'm the short one in the distance)

We were told that the Island across the bay is $1500 a night to stay (compared with ours... $30 a night). It is so exclusive that even Mr. Paris Hilton stays there... I don't think that the boys we were talking to actually know who Paris Hilton is.

We were in Lodge 4. The only reason I didn't gain a million pounds while staying in this resort is because we had to walk up a million stairs to get to our room. Only fun the first time.

I know you can't tell from the photo (depth perception really isn't my cameras strong suit) but this palm tree was easily 20m high and this guy climbed all the way up there and got us some coconuts!

Every resort we stayed at had a dog... this ones name is "Dog" and she doesn't belong to anyone in particular but is very friendly. She went to sleep under the hammok.

So cute!

Fire dancing at Beachcomber!

I don't know why but every family holiday I have ever been on, there is one of these photos.

Flea bites from the fleas of a dirty-stinky-backpacker who had the bed before me!

The photos just don't do the trip justice but at least it gives you an idea of the place. Beautiful even when it is raining, the most amazing sunsets and sunrises, rediculously friendly locals and a million things to see and do.

xox Love to all

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just Breathe ...

I know that I promised to put up some photos from Fiji... and I will... but I have not stopped running since I got back and so haven't had time. I have been putting the photos on Facebook in between doing other stuff and then I will put them up here although by now I guess no one is interested anymore *laughs* Still this one was taken by my friend when we went surfing on the reef break at Nomotu Left and gives you an idea of the scenery we had to suffer through.

Can you believe this sunset?

So since I have been back, I have completed 2 assignments, joined the gym (and am actually going to the gym more than 3 times a week - go me!) and went to a Royal Wedding party. I really do like fairy tales and the dress was beautiful. This weekend is super exciting because my Mum is coming to visit. I even cleaned my car for the occasion (I am picking her up from the airport and don't want the first thing she sees to be my manky car full of garbage and the like) and because it was so disgusting, I wrote a poem:

When I cleaned my car today, guess what I did find....
7 miscellaneous plates
6 lolly wrappers
5 drinking vessels
4 books and a thesaurus
3 unpaid overdue notices
2 pieces of clothing
and a tin of Milo that expired in '06

Even though it looks like I have too much time on my hands... I don't, this is just how I keep myself sane...

Oh oh oh! I almost forgot - I got to see my school friend this week. We caught up for dinner because she was in Melbourne. I haven't seen her in 5 years so dinner wasn't really enough but we talked for a couple of hours and had Sushi Train at this dodgy place on Swanston St in the city (more fun that just having sushi - because it is on a train!). She is a qualified draftsman (or draftswoman?) and beautician and now she is training Process Change Management ... crazy intelligent and probably the most beautiful person I know. Moving around has seriously made me lose touch with some incredible friends! Still it was super amazing seeing her again, AND she told me that her brother (1 year older than me) just had his 10 year high school reunion... do you know what that means? I have been out of school for 9 years and I haven't finished one degree (even though I have been studying for.... 9 years). So now I really need to finish uni this year otherwise I am going to be in that awkward group at my high school reunion that still doesn't know what they are going to do with themselves and it's not like I can blame it on having kids or a high flying husband (although I might make one up?). 

Anyway I must fly because I have "much to do and less time to do it in" (Robin Hood: Men in Tights - if you haven't seen it... do!). Spell checker is broken again --- I did pass high school English it's just that I got lazy after and spell checker is soooooo convenient so ignore my bad spelling.  

Whoarrrr ! Express posting at its most average :)

P.S. My phone is broken - and I am not that impressed actually
P.S.S. I am really going to go now and get some work done

xox Love to all

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