Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wow what an experience

It's the final night of my trip so this is going to be a short one as there is not that much time left. I really need to go through my photos when I get home and consolidate a little because we have been all over the place and have done so many things! I don't really remember where I left off but here is a super quick run down of where we have been...

I am pretty sure I have already covered Sigatoka and Mololu Island from which we took a boat to Beachcomber Island which we were told would be the "party island". Only disappointment was the cracker headache the next morning letting me know that we did indeed party hard! Such a beautiful place and live music most of the night. The meals were at certain times but the bar didn't close until everyone went to sleep. We headed back for the mainland to Nadi and stayed in a resort for a couple of nights (only 38 Fijian dollars a night) and after that we caught a bus to Rakiraki. The four hour trip at breakneck speed on a less than adequate road was somewhat terrifying but puts safety into perspective a bit. The resort we stayed in was nice enough with a swim-up-bar but the stinky-hippie-backpacker who had the bed I slept in before me had fleas so I woke up with massive welts on my skin. We decided that we should come back to Nadi so that we would have time to catch our plane and go to the mud baths and hot springs.

We have had so much fun! I will hopefully have time to go through all of my photos and explain the trip in a little more detail when I get home!

Love to all

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