Monday, March 28, 2011

Lost track of the days already

Not sure how long we have been here now because we are operating on Fiji time... which seems to be a whole lot more my speed to be honest. We took a bus from the Coral Coast all the way up to Nadi where we caught our transfer boat to Mololu Island. We were greeted on the dock of the Wahlu Beach resort by a group of happy people singing and one man with a guitar. After treking up a very steep set of stairs (I thought I was going to die the first time but now I have done it about a dozen times it's almost easy) to get to our room we could see the most amazing view from our lodge. The resort is very reasonably priced and there are watersports and hammoks and massages and everything I would expect for a Fijian island.

One of the men who looks after the watersport counter actually climed a 20 meter palm tree to retrieve for us some green coconuts. He cut them open with a machette with a great deal of skill and gave us a straw to drink the coconut water. Very cool! The boys have been playing ping pong and beach volley ball and I have been lying in a hammok with my book enjoying the sun... no burn yet so I think the 30 + is doing it's job. Tomorrow we have booked in for surfing in the morning, there is a boat that will leave from the dock and take us out past the reef to where the waves are actually breaking. We have been told that we will be safely delivered back to the resort in time for lunch. Then Brit and I (the only other girl who has come on this trip) will get a massage while the boys go fishing. We have a really good group which is brilliant. Everyone is so friendly and easy going. I am the oldest by 2 years and I thought that it would be awkward especially considering we have one 19 year old and while I know my brother and his mate quite well, I have not spent much time with the other two. Having said that, they have all been extremely welcoming and accepting of me so I couldn't complain about a single thing.

Having an amazing time and I can't believe that I have been able to witness and see so many wonderful things. Looking forward to the rest of our trip!

Love to all

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