Monday, March 21, 2011


Oh my it is very very close! I only have 3 more sleeps until I get to jump on a plane to Fiji. Excited just does not cut it!

It is such a self indulgent thing and I am looking forward to it in a major way. I am becoming such a headonist (I really like that word: Hedonism is a school of thought which argues that pleasure is the only intrinsic good) and you know what? For now that is a fine thing. I am a bit pleased with myself actually for keeping my sunny disposition despite the fact that I am tired to my core! I have been thinking that it might actually be possible to work yourself into the ground. Drinking this much V is not healthy.

I went to Chandon winery on Sunday for lunch and bought 2 bottles of sparkling for Sprout's birthday on the 25th. One red and one pink. Looking forward to spending some time with my baby brother before we head for our holiday. Still no plans for the second week yet... winging it! Love the concept. Thinking about island hopping ... must find out if there is a tight ass option there. Will try to get some diving in while we are out there. I found both my passports and my divers certificate so I am all set! I am going to do my absolute best to fit everything I need in my backpack. No need to take a computer or any other tech (except my phone because my whole life is in that thing) and to save room in my napsack I am going to have a strict no pants policy while in Fiji. Skirts and bikinis only. I will let you know how that goes.

I will post many photos as they become available!

xox Love to all

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