Monday, March 28, 2011

Lost track of the days already

Not sure how long we have been here now because we are operating on Fiji time... which seems to be a whole lot more my speed to be honest. We took a bus from the Coral Coast all the way up to Nadi where we caught our transfer boat to Mololu Island. We were greeted on the dock of the Wahlu Beach resort by a group of happy people singing and one man with a guitar. After treking up a very steep set of stairs (I thought I was going to die the first time but now I have done it about a dozen times it's almost easy) to get to our room we could see the most amazing view from our lodge. The resort is very reasonably priced and there are watersports and hammoks and massages and everything I would expect for a Fijian island.

One of the men who looks after the watersport counter actually climed a 20 meter palm tree to retrieve for us some green coconuts. He cut them open with a machette with a great deal of skill and gave us a straw to drink the coconut water. Very cool! The boys have been playing ping pong and beach volley ball and I have been lying in a hammok with my book enjoying the sun... no burn yet so I think the 30 + is doing it's job. Tomorrow we have booked in for surfing in the morning, there is a boat that will leave from the dock and take us out past the reef to where the waves are actually breaking. We have been told that we will be safely delivered back to the resort in time for lunch. Then Brit and I (the only other girl who has come on this trip) will get a massage while the boys go fishing. We have a really good group which is brilliant. Everyone is so friendly and easy going. I am the oldest by 2 years and I thought that it would be awkward especially considering we have one 19 year old and while I know my brother and his mate quite well, I have not spent much time with the other two. Having said that, they have all been extremely welcoming and accepting of me so I couldn't complain about a single thing.

Having an amazing time and I can't believe that I have been able to witness and see so many wonderful things. Looking forward to the rest of our trip!

Love to all

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 1 and 2 Fiji

I am sitting in a bungalow right on the beach using the backpacker's Internet connection. I feel weird using the term backpacker because we have our own rooms and kitchenette. Its quite fantastic actually with a pool by the restaurant and the most amazing view of the beach from our balcony. And to think, we almost didn't make it! My baby brother booked one of our party on the wrong flight (the day before). By the time we had sought everything out and pretty much purchased a new ticket from a sour woman behind the sales desk, we only just made the plane! Having said that, when we arrived it was such a lovely day and everyone was so friendly, it was hard to worry. 

When we landed at Nadi, we were approached by a gentleman who instructed us to buy the bus tickets from him. We had no way of knowing if he was associated with the bus company but paid the money anyway (no point starting the holiday being suspicious) and when the bus arrived, no one even checked them. There was nothing on the bus that indicated where it would go so I guess the fact that we arrived safely at our destination (after having to walk into the dark for a bit) about an hour and a half later means we are on a holiday of more luck than planning. 

We ended our evening drinking Mai Thais by the pool after a very nice meal. All I have spent in the last 2 days is 100 Fijian dollars (including accommodation!). Perfect!

I woke up this morning and went for a jog along the beach. The sand is mostly bits of coral so quite painful to walk on without shoes. Everyone is so amazingly friendly. The locals all yell "Bula" (hello) as you pass and could not be more helpful. To start with it was a little full on but now I just really like it. As I was jogging down the beach, one of the locals (who was behind a tree for some strange reason) has jumped out of what seemed like nowhere and yelled out to me. I almost had a heart-attack until I realised that he was honestly just trying to be friendly. I got back around 9am and had breakfast with one of the girls in the group. The boys went surfing super early with the security guard from our hotel (another genuinely nice guy who took them and their surf boards to the beach and basically acted the tour guide for them most of the day... for a small fee *laughs*). To be honest, after the drinking from the night before, I didn't think I could cope with that - eating and drinking by the pool... much more my speed. When the boys came back, we went for a walk through the town of Korotoga (we are really close to Sigatoka) and it was fascinating to see livestock just wandering around the houses. There were pigs (which actually walk up to you if you put your hand out), horses, cows and heaps of chickens. I feel like I have been walking all day even though actually it was probably only 5km. Sand walking really takes it out of you. Regardless, I feel like so far I have had an amazing opportunity to really wander and explore. It's very touristy here so I don't know how much of a feel you can get for the real Fiji on this coast. Still there are many more places planned so I am thinking I will get to see more as I go.

Loving it!

xox Love to all

Monday, March 21, 2011


Oh my it is very very close! I only have 3 more sleeps until I get to jump on a plane to Fiji. Excited just does not cut it!

It is such a self indulgent thing and I am looking forward to it in a major way. I am becoming such a headonist (I really like that word: Hedonism is a school of thought which argues that pleasure is the only intrinsic good) and you know what? For now that is a fine thing. I am a bit pleased with myself actually for keeping my sunny disposition despite the fact that I am tired to my core! I have been thinking that it might actually be possible to work yourself into the ground. Drinking this much V is not healthy.

I went to Chandon winery on Sunday for lunch and bought 2 bottles of sparkling for Sprout's birthday on the 25th. One red and one pink. Looking forward to spending some time with my baby brother before we head for our holiday. Still no plans for the second week yet... winging it! Love the concept. Thinking about island hopping ... must find out if there is a tight ass option there. Will try to get some diving in while we are out there. I found both my passports and my divers certificate so I am all set! I am going to do my absolute best to fit everything I need in my backpack. No need to take a computer or any other tech (except my phone because my whole life is in that thing) and to save room in my napsack I am going to have a strict no pants policy while in Fiji. Skirts and bikinis only. I will let you know how that goes.

I will post many photos as they become available!

xox Love to all

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cruisin down Chapel

Last night was raining a bit but with an old friend who has come to visit for a couple of days, it was such a fun night! We had dinner on Chapel St at a Tapas bar (amazing food! wish I could remember the name of the restaurant) and gin & juice at the Lucky Coq finishing up at Electric Lady Lounge (not a strip club) for cocktails before heading home. Had a brilliant time talking about people we used to know and the trouble we used to get into in Brisbane. Sometimes I feel like the luckiest girl in the world with the beautiful people I have been so blessed to meet over the years!

I felt a little dodgy when I woke up this morning but my friend is coming to pick me up at lunch time for Japanese food on Swan St here in Richmond. Must get heaps done here at work today so that I can go home on time for dinner in St Kilda tonight.

It just occurred to me that while I am trying to give my friend a good feeling for Melbourne (tourist guide!) I am also trying to do all of the things I love here because it is most likely the last year I will be in this crazy beautiful city.

Life is grand!

xox Love to all

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Instead of working today...

Love to all

Monday, March 7, 2011

Attention: New Favorite Website!

I am still crying from laughing so hard! Damn You Auto Correct

Love to All

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Twitter ... LOL!

Charlie Sheen just joined Twitter! I am sure you are aware by now of my [un]healthy addiction to trashy news but really... love him or hate him, this guy is hilarious!
reigning King Of Trainwrecks (sorry Mel Gibson)

So... it's been a slow news day today,

Love always

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