Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Social Network

I know I have said this before but it is absolutely rediculous the number of social networking sites I am a member of. Blogger (of course), Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, I Skype, email, chat and have Whatsapp so that I can talk for free, message for free, email for free and still pay something in the vicinity of 150 dollars a month keeping myself connected. Just horrifying... and why? Because sometimes I do actually learn something that I would not have known otherwise... oh and I am hoplessly self absorbed. Anyway I did learn some things this week due to my social networking and thought I would share:

I joined Linked In (another social networking site) when I was looking for work a couple of years ago. I set up the profile and forgot about it pretty much the next day (I know how reckless it is to set up a profile with identifying information including address/phone number/place of work... and then forgetting about it. I am so glad no one wants to stalk me because I am almost a completely open book!)I didn't realise but I must have left it active and I received a friend request from my aunt (who is also my friend on facebook ... with these social networking sites it is a little bit incestuous). Anyway, after stalking her profile for a bit I noticed that she had a webpage and I am blown away by her work. I am so impressed that I am related to such a talented lady, especilly considering (and my blog is proof of this) that I myself am completely unremarkable when it comes to photography. Oh how I wish that artistic talent was genetic! Anyway, it is all in dutch and google translate completely let me down on this particular site (I have never before had a problem but for some reason it doesn't like this website?) but I think the pictures speak for themselves.

So I learnt that I have a talented relative... although I am not particularly surprised because that side of the family are really quite creative. My second learning of the week was actually face to face about a social network so I don't want to scare anyone with this post... I have real friends. In fact the friend who told me about this finding is a new friend (just to prove that I am capeable of making friends). Apparently Myspace is no longer focused on social networking and is instead more for musicians. He showed me a french band which I really like called "Les Ogres de Barback". Kind of strange but very easy to get into.

Have a great day everyone!
Love to all

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