Thursday, February 3, 2011

More efficient?

I really appreciate the idiosyncrasies of the people in my life. My friend from Brisbane has been in Melbourne for the last couple of days for work and I was watching him pack his bag last night and it made me laugh. He rolls up every article of clothing into tight scrolls and then packs them neatly next to each other. Apparently this saves space (because it is the only way he has ever done it... good logic right?).

Made me laugh anyway. We spent most of last night wandering around Melbourne from the Vietnamese food stores on Victoria Parade to Victoria Gardens shopping centre for late night shopping (which was mostly closed actually) and then into the city for "I Love Melbourne" t-shirts. Had room service wedges for dinner (even though I said I wouldn't eat his dinner I totally did) and then went home to crash out.

I am embarking on a training exercise this weekend. It is a "body clock" test to see if I am capeable of waking up and functioning prior to 8.30am. I have organised to have breakfast in the city with a friend at 8.30 am which I am really looking forward to and so will hopefully be motivated to get out of bed at 7.30 to be out the door by 8 and in the city on time. Work isn't a good enough motivator for me so I am going to try this instead. It would be really nice if I could actually enjoy my mornings instead of rolling out of bed late, tearing on my clothes and inhaling my breakfast as I rush to make it out the door in time for work. My social life is absolutely the thing that is keeping me going these days. Lucky I have such a brilliant crew! I have more friends trecking down this way from Brisbane and Perth this month which will be so good! I couldn't be more excited. Seriously!

Ok enough rambling for one day.

Love to all

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