Sunday, February 6, 2011

All by myself...

I have the office all to myself right now. Calm before the storm I think because we have some executives from overseas dropping by at some point this morning. I got a heads up text message from my French boss ("The eagle has landed") about 20 mins ago, but until they arrive I am listening to INXS and Finger Eleven on my iPhone. Wooo! Party time...

As planned I got up early on Saturday and had breakfast with my friend. Poor girl was hung over and miserable about the night before (amazing how it seems so fun until the sun comes up). Spent an hour with her (because stupid city parking only allows 1 hour even on a Saturday! What the hell is that about?) I played ameture psychologist while we had scrambled eggs on toast in De'Greves St (thats one of the alley ways that makes Melbourne famous for food). Even though it was kind of raining it was still comfortable.

Speaking of rain! I drove down Chapel St in South Yarra on the way home and the main street had turned into a mini river almost up to the doors of my tiny Ford Festiva! Can I just quickly say that I am in no way complaining, there was no damage and no one was hurt (not even the cars) and I don't want to exaggerate because to be honest it didn't seem like we had that much rain (and nothing even close to the poor souls in Queensland)! Having said that, I couldn't beleive how much water was on the ground. My flatmates called it the "Great Flood of South Yarra" (and that is exaggerating). So what do you do when you have white water rapids only 100 meters from your house? Play in the rain!

The one above is our back pattio, you can see the giant drain in the middle just wasn't giant enough.

I just ran the spell checker and nothing came up... do you think that means that today I have perfect spelling? For some reason I doubt it... I think more likely that the checker is broken. And on that note,

Love to All

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