Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Post Stupid Season Detox

Today is day 3 of my detox. Miss S, Miss V and I have decided that after the month long binge session that was December, we will have a alcohol and bad food free month starting the 3rd of January (finishing on the 3rd of February). So far so good (except for the tim tams I enhaled before lunch).

Can you tell I am addicted to a new website? Cyanide and Happiness - decidedly not PG! I only post the ones that aren't filthy and or inappropriate. They make me laugh but I think you have to have a certain demented and twisted sense of humour to get a lot of them.

Anyway... I am sitting at my desk right now drinking a protein shake which tastes similar to flour mixed with water willing myself to stay here instead of running down the road and buying something unhealthy for lunch. Everyone is still on leave except for one of our tech guys who is in a different room from me. Pretty lonely during the day by myself! Can't wait for everyone to come back.

Love to all

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