Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I do not have a problem

I also didn't make it through the whole month without alcohol as planned. What you need to understand is that I am already committing crimes against my country by not eating lamb on Australia Day. It would be outright blasphemy should I also refuse to have a beer to celebrate the day that our fine land became a federation. Not that there are too many of us who know or care about the reason for Australia Day but its nice to get the day off work.

The girls and I had a bbq at our house with an amazing group of people. It was so nice to have such an interesting mix. Normally it is a bit tricky inviting people from different groups but it worked really well and everyone got along fine. My only complaint is that I am sick as a dog today. I don't think it is alcohol related but it is making me miserable! I think it is karma for breaking my detox early. I cannot wait till home time so I can curl up on the couch and watch trashy TV until I fall asleep. Actually I have 2 DVD's at home waiting for me which I am really looking forward to so I might do that. Fingers crossed for my speedy recovery because I am not a fan of self pity but I am so pathetic when I get sick!

Love to all

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Post Stupid Season Detox

Today is day 3 of my detox. Miss S, Miss V and I have decided that after the month long binge session that was December, we will have a alcohol and bad food free month starting the 3rd of January (finishing on the 3rd of February). So far so good (except for the tim tams I enhaled before lunch).

Can you tell I am addicted to a new website? Cyanide and Happiness - decidedly not PG! I only post the ones that aren't filthy and or inappropriate. They make me laugh but I think you have to have a certain demented and twisted sense of humour to get a lot of them.

Anyway... I am sitting at my desk right now drinking a protein shake which tastes similar to flour mixed with water willing myself to stay here instead of running down the road and buying something unhealthy for lunch. Everyone is still on leave except for one of our tech guys who is in a different room from me. Pretty lonely during the day by myself! Can't wait for everyone to come back.

Love to all

Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to normal

I have really enjoyed the fact that every one of my Facebook friends have had the same status updates from last night to today. Last night "Wish holidays wouldn't end" and "Don't want to go to work tomorrow" and this morning "Don't want to be at work today". I am detecting a theme. First day back after the crazy season and it still doesn't feel like everything is back to normal. Not by a long shot. There are only 3 of us in the office today, the phone rang once (telemarketer) and I haven't had one email. Might be able to go home early today!

Every year I have the same New Years resolution... exercise more, loose weight blah blah blah. I figure I should aim for something attainable and measurable this year.

This year my resolution is to fix my car. I want her to be singing like a bird, happy and healthy and ready to be my wheels for the next 10 years. First stop... shock absorbers. $600 each if I buy them from the guy who puts them in my car. I was hoping he could do them one at a time but apparently that's not good for the chassis so my next option is to find them online for cheaper and either buy them and find someone willing to put them in the car for me or use it as a bargaining tool. The latter would sound like this:

The Car Repair Man - "Well Miss, you see, replacement parts for such an old car are hard to come by so you will be looking at around $600 for each shock absorber and then a nominal fee of $50 per side to put them in the car"

Me - "Oh wow Mister... I didn't realise how expensive car parts truly are for my 2000 model standard hatchback of which there are millions in this country. What is most surprising is that I found the exact part for this car online for $100 each and yet your suppliers are charging you more than 4 times that. No wonder you charged me extra for the clean windscreen when you are obviously being crippled by corrupt spare part moguls."

The Car Repair Man - "Well if you can get them at such a reduced rate, kindly provide me the contact details for your supplier and I will purchase from them in the future. I will also install the parts for free as you have saved my business thousands in supplier related expenses."

A girl can dream...

One of the websites I just tried to access (labeled "Ford Festiva Parts" by our benevolent leader Google) has a most disturbing "enter" page. Check it out if you aren't put off by a provocatively dressed (more undressed) woman making a pouty face at you and a big blue button that says "enter". Maybe it is a boys only car parts site? I can't help but think that maybe it doesn't sell what I think it does and I am not pushing the button just in case there is something on the other side which my work "use of Internet policy" would object to. Weird!

Ok so in short I have not found adequate shock absorbers for my car yet but I think I will have it sorted by the end of the week. (I have to set little goals otherwise I won't do it... prioritising goddess that I am and yet I have had a broken car for 2 years).

Just an observation from running the spell checker: Google is a word but Facebook is not ... also weird.

Love to all and best wishes for the New Year!

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