Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Xmas shopping

More like window shopping for me because I spent all my money this month on my insurance excess, stupid cab! Miss V and I are at Chadstone Shopping centre shopping up a storm. My favorite place so far was Toys 'R Us!

I was considering some new wheels. The convertible may be more my speed?

How about this kids? You can eat your favorite foods... They taste a bit like play-doh though.

And what does this remind you of?

That's right! Croissant and waffles naturally (and pink pizza?)

My personal favorite is the suggestively placed ponies. "Why are the little horses trying to kill each other mummy?"
"Well Jimmy, when a mummy and daddy horse love each other very much...."

And last but not least the Christmas tree of horse heads... Very Godfather if you ask me :)

Love to all

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  1. Hilarious! I love your eyes for theses moments of silliness!


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