Monday, December 13, 2010


It is busy this time of year! I am running the second I get out of bed these days. Miss V and I have our last singing lesson today. We have to sing in front of the class... eeep! The idea was that we were to choose a song that we wanted to "master" by the end of the 8 week course (which because of Melbourne Cup is now a 7 week course). I have only sung it the whole way through in my car. Lukcy it doesn't have ears is all I can say otherwise they would stop working along with everything else. We haven't practiced the song almost at all in class which is daunting. So much for mastering it. Miss V will be fine, her song suits her to a t. I will be fine because it is a group of 7 people and I will never have to see them again. I'm really not that concerned. It has just been really nice haveing something to do on a Tuesday night that is a bit different from the usual.

I think I am going to find another course after this one wraps up. 1 night a week is quite doable, maybe after the new year crazienes though. I am thinking of taking up a language class next time. Maybe French because my company will pay for that... love free education! It is so rare once you move out of home and government assistance does not count when you end up paying massive tax just because you have a semi-decent paying job.

I work relatively quickly but today I have been charging through the paper mountain on my desk. Would love to see the bottom of the pile before Christmas! Wish me luck? I guess really I should stop blogging in order to achieve that goal.

Love to all

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