Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"That place doesn't have a beer garden so it is a complete waste on a day like today" says my boss who is trying to convince someone that the business lunch should be held outside in a beer garden rather than inside a cafe. Gotta love Germans. He is right though, being inside today is a complete waste.

Speaking of beer gardens, I went to a bar very close to our house last night called Windsor Castle. It is hidden from the main road and in a residential area. Melbourne is great for that, hiding places that you need to know are there in order to find them. From the outside it doesn't look like much. The facade is fluro-green with black ledges so you think it's going to be tacky and gross inside but it isn't at all. It's quite beautiful actually. It has great food, a really cute courtyard with braziers (so it was warm) and pretty coloured lights. I think I saw a baby dolls head in a jar next to the bar. At least I hope I saw it because I am in big trouble if that was my imagination.

I know I told you already but I am so excited that I need to say it again! I am going to Fiji *happy dance*. I have been running after work all week (yes I know it is only Wednesday) and am going to be smoking when I get there! Next year is going to be my year of the traveller. I will be poverty stricken and social life free while I save my pennies for globe-trotting. I know I am not Catholic but I am going to find one of these trinkets to keep me on track:

My flatmate, Miss S has one and she takes it with her on her trips. It's St Christopher the Patron Saint of Travel. It keeps her safe. I just like shiny things.

Love to all

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