Monday, November 1, 2010

How to butcher a pumpkin

1. Take a normal pumpkin (my flat mates bought this one, I am sure they won't mind)

2. Get a knife and saw the top off (I think you should use a really sharp knife, but I used 3 different sized blunt ones)

3. Scoop the yucky bits out with a spoon (and I actually used scissors too because there are all these stringy spongey bits that the spoon couldn't cut through)

4. I used a whiteboard marker to draw a face on my pumpkin. Scary one first (what can I say? I was feeling traditional).

5. Cut out the nose, mouth and eyes. My advice is to be a bit careful here because the knife slips a bit.

A little structural integrity was lost due to some overzealous carving ... Oops!

6. And now meet Jax!

But I'm not done yet.

This is Sad Sax

Moon, bat and star

Witchie Poo - this is just carving the skin away but the light shines through it anyway.

7. Add some candles (these ones are citronella... That's all we had in the house).
8. Turn out the light and check out my masterpiece!

Check it out! I still have all my fingers!

This is what happens when I am left by myself for too long. Pity I didn't have time to do this for Halloween. Now to put all of that energy into something constructive!

Love to all

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