Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bed time freedom

Some days are a complete waste of makeup. I don't know why I crawled out of bed this morning but I knew the second my feet hit the floor that it was a bad idea. Oh right... I remember why. Work. Amazing how money will make you do things you really really really don't want to do. And believe me I really really really did not want to get up. Not even coffee could fix this morning. It is almost home time and I still feel wroughted. I am beginning to like single life for the fact that I can go to bed when I want to. The reverse side of course is the same that I experienced when I moved out of home. Now that I can stay up as late as I want to, I stay up later than I should. And now I am sleepy. Maybe I shouldn't have bed time freedom... some people just can't handle the responsibility (or is that just me?).

New coffee machine at work is going well. It is a pain to clean but coffee still tastes consistenly mediocre... just how I like it. The weather has been beautiful and then terrible on alternate days. One day you step outside and it's like being in a cartoon with all of the bright colours and no wind to move the trees. The next day, the heavens open up in a freezing torrential downpour which messes up my laundry. Nothing much extra to report really. My flatmates have been keeping me in good food/wine/company which has made the last month just fly by. Finished another period at uni so I am one unit closer to finishing my degree!

Here is to my single life in this beautiful (bi-polar) city!

Love to all

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