Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bugs and Things

Just sitting outside enjoying the sunshine with this happy little dude.
iPhone doesn't show up the vibrant green of his ... what do catterpillars have? skin?

Love to all

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bed time freedom

Some days are a complete waste of makeup. I don't know why I crawled out of bed this morning but I knew the second my feet hit the floor that it was a bad idea. Oh right... I remember why. Work. Amazing how money will make you do things you really really really don't want to do. And believe me I really really really did not want to get up. Not even coffee could fix this morning. It is almost home time and I still feel wroughted. I am beginning to like single life for the fact that I can go to bed when I want to. The reverse side of course is the same that I experienced when I moved out of home. Now that I can stay up as late as I want to, I stay up later than I should. And now I am sleepy. Maybe I shouldn't have bed time freedom... some people just can't handle the responsibility (or is that just me?).

New coffee machine at work is going well. It is a pain to clean but coffee still tastes consistenly mediocre... just how I like it. The weather has been beautiful and then terrible on alternate days. One day you step outside and it's like being in a cartoon with all of the bright colours and no wind to move the trees. The next day, the heavens open up in a freezing torrential downpour which messes up my laundry. Nothing much extra to report really. My flatmates have been keeping me in good food/wine/company which has made the last month just fly by. Finished another period at uni so I am one unit closer to finishing my degree!

Here is to my single life in this beautiful (bi-polar) city!

Love to all

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Clean Clean Clean

This weekend was a cleaning weekend. I actually took my car to a hand wash! I didn't hand wash it of course, there are people who do that and I found a voucher for $10 off so I only paid $19 and had coffee with Miss V while we waited for the car to be all clean. It looked like a new car! (and then a bird crapped on my bonnet ... not impressed). We have a temporary flat mate moving in today so we spent a couple of hours cleaning Miss S's room so he has somewhere to stay. And I cleaned my room (scary I know but it needed to be done). Cleaned some of the kitchen and the courtyard. All round productive day!

I did some emotional cleaning too. I have needed for a while now, to work out what it is that has been bothering me so much of late. I am always a little neurotic but I have been swinging without warning, between "couldn't be happier" to "everyone stuff off and leave me alone". Not easy to live with I am sure even though I think I am doing a pretty good job of bottling it up where my friends/flatmates are concerned (maybe not always). The worst is not sleeping, (this has never been a problem of mine... EVER) and instead, I am lying awake wondering why I wanted to snap over something small or what it was that made me want to cry in a seemingly normal situation and why is it that within a couple of seconds I can't even imagine what was wrong. I have come to the realisation that it is a combination of things, which I won't burden you with, but ultimately it means that I need to clear out the negative, focus on the positive and hope that I can tell the difference between the two. I have made some positive steps forward and hope that it works out for the best.

Sometimes being a girl is a crazy and confusing experience. I really hope that it gets easier.

Love to all

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"That place doesn't have a beer garden so it is a complete waste on a day like today" says my boss who is trying to convince someone that the business lunch should be held outside in a beer garden rather than inside a cafe. Gotta love Germans. He is right though, being inside today is a complete waste.

Speaking of beer gardens, I went to a bar very close to our house last night called Windsor Castle. It is hidden from the main road and in a residential area. Melbourne is great for that, hiding places that you need to know are there in order to find them. From the outside it doesn't look like much. The facade is fluro-green with black ledges so you think it's going to be tacky and gross inside but it isn't at all. It's quite beautiful actually. It has great food, a really cute courtyard with braziers (so it was warm) and pretty coloured lights. I think I saw a baby dolls head in a jar next to the bar. At least I hope I saw it because I am in big trouble if that was my imagination.

I know I told you already but I am so excited that I need to say it again! I am going to Fiji *happy dance*. I have been running after work all week (yes I know it is only Wednesday) and am going to be smoking when I get there! Next year is going to be my year of the traveller. I will be poverty stricken and social life free while I save my pennies for globe-trotting. I know I am not Catholic but I am going to find one of these trinkets to keep me on track:

My flatmate, Miss S has one and she takes it with her on her trips. It's St Christopher the Patron Saint of Travel. It keeps her safe. I just like shiny things.

Love to all

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Black fingernails red wine

I stole some of my flatmates bright purple nail polish last night. Weird how something so simple can make you feel pretty!

I went to my first singing lesson last night too which was fun. I think that we are supposed to practice during the week because the teacher just ripped through the information. I picked up most of it OK. I remember a lot of the theory from drama and flute classes when I was at school. Meanwhile I guess it doesn't matter so much if I remember or not becuase there are no tests or exams (my favorite kind of study is the unaccountable kind). We have to pick a song that we want to be good at. I am still not 100% sure what to chose. I think something really difficult. No one but the teacher and I will hear it and she is a singing teacher so she clearly cares nothing for the safety of her ears. I remember saying to my Dad when I was listening to his Kate Bush album (something about red shoes?) that I wished I could sing like that.

We are having some problems with one of the companies that we deal with and everyone is up in arms with possible scenario's and general gossip. This is what I think:
"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity"
I love Wikipedia sometimes, especially when you are looking for one thing and find something far more interesting. I was looking for the person who said the above quote and found the Cock-Up theory:
Coined by Sir Bernard Ingham, is the saying "Cock-up before conspiracy".
Many journalists have fallen for the conspiracy theory of government. I do assure you that they would produce more accurate work if they adhered to the cock-up theory.
—Sir Bernard Ingham


That is all I have for you today. Sorry it's been a bit disjointed. I really did start this blog thinking that it would help me to focus my thoughts and improve my writing but am increasingly finding that this isn't the case. I think the worst was when my Grandfather said he didn't really understand what I was going on about. My promise from here is to try to be more focussed and generally better. I even used spell check today!

xox Love to all,

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I am missing clothes. I just don't understand what I have done with them. Annoying clothes too like stockings and underware. Oh and one dress which I love very much. I wonder how it is even possible that I have lost something between the washing machine (right next to my room), the stair railing where I have been hanging my stuff to dry (also right next to my room) and my room... has to be there somewhere unless the "Borrowers" are stealing clothes now, I thought they just took buttons. Sorry if you never read that book and so have no idea what I am talking about. My mum read it to me when I was smaller. I remember looking for them between the floor boards in our house but never found any. I still think that they are hiding around somewhere every time I lose an earing.

I am planning a trip to Fiji. My little brother and I have time off work (got it in writing). I am so excited! I heard that there is nothing to do in Fiji except for surf and eat... that sounds perfect to me! I am back into my exercise and healthy eating routine because I want to wear a bikini the whole time I am away so I have to look hot. Only 3 months to get my lazy ass into shape. I resisted the urge to get drunk with my flatmates last night and went for a jog. I caved when I got back but it's a start. There are only two of us as of this morning and we were having a farewell last night for Miss S who has left for Hong Kong and Vietnam for 3 months. That is a good enough reason for a glass of wine.

UPDATE !!! Just got the booking confirmation for my tickets. No backing out now...
My little bro sent me a map to show me where we are going:

Craptastic illuistration but still super excited!

It is lunch time already and it feels so early. I am drinking "Monster Energy".

I read the ingredients, not necessarily a good idea but seeing as it tastes like cough syrup I thought i should check how much sugar. The answer is: Lots. Guarana, Taurine, Caffine, Ginseng and Glucuronolactone. Wanna know what Glucuronolactone is? Thank you Wikipedia:

Although levels of glucuronolactone in energy drinks can far exceed those found in the rest of the diet, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has concluded that exposure to glucuronolactone from regular consumption of energy drinks is not a safety concern (No Observed Adverse Effect Level of glucuronolactone = 1,000mg/kg/day). A fatality was reported after intake of 1420 ml of an energy drink.

I am drinking this out of a giant can (550mL) at least there is no observed adverse effect other than death. Very comforting. I wonder what else in my diet has this chemical... maybe I just shouldn't eat anything else for the rest of the day just incase.

Love to all xox

Monday, November 1, 2010

How to butcher a pumpkin

1. Take a normal pumpkin (my flat mates bought this one, I am sure they won't mind)

2. Get a knife and saw the top off (I think you should use a really sharp knife, but I used 3 different sized blunt ones)

3. Scoop the yucky bits out with a spoon (and I actually used scissors too because there are all these stringy spongey bits that the spoon couldn't cut through)

4. I used a whiteboard marker to draw a face on my pumpkin. Scary one first (what can I say? I was feeling traditional).

5. Cut out the nose, mouth and eyes. My advice is to be a bit careful here because the knife slips a bit.

A little structural integrity was lost due to some overzealous carving ... Oops!

6. And now meet Jax!

But I'm not done yet.

This is Sad Sax

Moon, bat and star

Witchie Poo - this is just carving the skin away but the light shines through it anyway.

7. Add some candles (these ones are citronella... That's all we had in the house).
8. Turn out the light and check out my masterpiece!

Check it out! I still have all my fingers!

This is what happens when I am left by myself for too long. Pity I didn't have time to do this for Halloween. Now to put all of that energy into something constructive!

Love to all

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