Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sunshine on the window

Coffee ---- Check
Breakfast ---- Check
Laptop on ---- Check

Ok ready to start another day at the office. Today is going to be lovely. The sun is up and it is pretty warm outside. Melbourne weather is so unpredictable so when you get a sunny day it seems like a terrible waste to be inside all day! Queensland is sunny all the time so you don't feel bad if you spend some of the sunshine indoors. I think that I got more done there. I am forced to be inside now but want to go play in the grass. How does anyone work in these conditions?

I asked my facebook friends yesterday whether I should dye my hair blonde or red. 4 people said blonde, 4 people said red and 1 person said green (thanks for that by the way Lucas). I think I am going to choose blonde. That way if I hate it I can dye it any colour I want to. That is the fun thing about having short hair, I can do what I want and it will only take a couple of weeks to grow out. Very convenient.

Ok I am going back to work. Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine wherever it may be shining.

xox Love to all

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