Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mind your own...

My inspiration for today's post comes from a man who could not mind his own business. I am absolutely astounded by people sometimes. Driving to work (so yes this means before I have had a cup of coffee) a man pulls up next to me at the lights clearly with something up his... I mean a bee in his bonnet. I lean across the passenger seat to wind down the passenger window (no power windows in my rust bucket, not a complaint. Just a fact) and the guy is mid sentence ending with "be nice if you had some". "Huh?" I am running late, as usual, haven't had my caffiene fix, so I am cranky and a bit slow on the uptake. Did I mention that I am not a morning person?

"Your back tail lights are out, you shouldn't be driving around like that" he yells at me like it is something that I should already have known. Translation: "I wasn't paying attention and almost rear ended you and now I need to make it your fault". To be honest, at the time I didn't really know. How long would your leg have to be really in order to keep your foot on the break and look at the tail lights? Besides, it is broad daylight and I have a white car... not hard to spot in peak hour traffic when you are averageing 5 kilometers an hour. "Thank you for letting me know, I will be sure to look into that" I smiled back. Translation: "Who the F%*@ are you and why are you messing with me so early in the morning?". My smile must have caught him off guard and so he just nodded curtly and the lights changed. Thank god because there was enough room for me to slam my car into his Bentley and I am not 100% sure that if he hadn't driven off when he did that I wouldn't have done it.

I have since checked my tail lights and it turns out they work. So I think that this guy has been driving an automatic so long that he forgets that when driving a manual it is not necessary to use the breaks all that often (or is that just my style of driving?). The thing that bothers me the most is that he drove off thinking that he was in the right! I hate the way people are rewarded for their bad behaviour.

Love to all

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  1. I hate hate when someone gets mad at me on the road. Problem is: I don't get mad back, I just feel unjustly accused and about 10 yrs old!


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