Sunday, October 17, 2010

The day I played with my inner child

Bought candy yesterday, sat on the couch and ate it all!
These things looked awesome:

On the box maybe but in real life not as cool. They crackle when you eat them which is disturbing but still awesome!

Candy ring... biggest rock I have ever seen and edible. So much better than diamonds :)

Can't believe they have to put this in the disclaimer though!:

We live right next to a super-servo (which is like a grocery store with prices jacked up). Because it is so close, there is no need to remember everything you need when you go to the proper store. What that means unfortunately is that I have been known to make many trips for milk/candy/miscellanious other items (to the detriment of my wallet and my ass). My gym shoes and I have a date with the pavement tonight for sure!

Love to all

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