Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weather ... again (I have nothing original to say, you might wanna skip this one)

I walked in the rain on Saturday. It wasn't miserable cold rain. It was warm and floaty rain. I wasn't feeling well (mixture of a cold and a hangover... which means you don't know what is making what hurt so all you can do is drink water) but just walking made me feel better. I had to pick up my car from a friend's house which is not far away (still a tram and a train and then a bit of a walk) but my hoodie got soaked through (the yellow fluffy bit around the edges was dripping). I liked the way everyone else was racing around in the rain with their umbrella's and trenchcoats. The cars whoosh hurridley by with the occasional spray of water from a deep puddle by the edge of the road. But not me. I had all the time in the world and had resigned myself to being soaked through when I got to where I was going, whenever that might be. I simply did not care, actually I enjoyed it!

This is so very a-typical of me. I normally have a million things that I need to do and they all need to happen yesterday. And it was raining! I am not that easy going. Normally I would be incredibly put out by 1. not having my car to keep me dry or make the trip quicker and 2. having to be wet when I got to wherever I was going. I wasn't. That my friends is a milestone for me. Could it be that I am becoming less neurotic? One step at a time but at least from now on walking in the rain won't make me cranky. Melbourne has been putting on a fantastic display of uncharacteristically lovely weather lately. Today for example, just a coupld of clouds in the sky and the rain that we did have over the weekend has made the spring leaves on the trees even more vibrant than before. Welcome back spring!

Enough weather... I am going home now to enjoy it!

Love to all

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