Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Forced shopping

I snapped my bra last night. I thought that it was under"wire" not under"plastic".... Gutted! Sucks too becuase I have been neglecting my boobs lately and have only two bra's. This means that lately it has been necessary to do my washing up to 4 times a week. It also means that right now I look like a Picasso with one higher than the other... Classy. Might be time to actually buy some more. I will go to Dimmey's on my break. Dimmey's is a giant heritage listed building on Swan St around the corner from where I work. I have only been there once; to find soap dispensers which it turns out they do not have. Still they have lots of clothes and stuff so hopefully they have a replacement for my bra.

I figured out as I clambered out of the car this morning with blurry eyes that it was Wednesday judging by the fact that there are 3 empty breakfast boxes in the passenger seat. Probably should throw them out but then how would I know what day it is? God I need a coffee! I hope you all have a cracker day :D

Later that day (and 3 cups of coffee later)

Turns out I am expected to attend a conference this evening (that I have been avoiding like the plague but was roped into nevertheless) and because of said conference I will not have any time to go shopping before the event. Great! I hope no one notices my "Look-by-Picasso" and just focuses on the riviting IT/Engineering material that will be presented by my collegues. Poor me!

xox Love to all

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  1. You are hilarious! Bra shopping is the worst! Good luck!


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