Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I am in desperate need of inspiration! I really am trying my best, listening to Tool, Finger Eleven and I will be honest... a little Maroon Five (don't judge me! They are a little inspirational). Nothing... all I can think about is this stupid group assignment I am doing for uni which is so pointless and frustrating I can barely contain my impatience in the "group collaboration" meetings. Or more accurately termed "dick measuring" contests where the members try to wow each other with their intelligence. Focus on the point people before I scream!

So I am noticing that my fuse is getting progressively shorter and I am 80% sure it isn't that time of the month so I am struggling to work out where my nasty streak is coming from! Maybe it is the late nights over the last couple of weeks, sleep deprivation is obviously not good for the psych.

Funny observation... it's 10pm (yes I know... this is why I am tired and cranky) but I can smell laundry detergent and hear footsteps. I think one of my housemate's just got up to do their laundry!? Truly random! It is fun living with girls... never thought you would hear me say that did you? But it is really nice. They drink wine and gossip about people we know (general and rarely nasty gossip that is). I think this is just what I need in my new singledom. Still I really need to sleep! I promise that once I have handed in this assignment I will go to bed early.

My mp3 player is stuffing with me... Love is all around by Wet Wet Wet
So inappropriate! Doesn't it know that I don't want to hear about love right now!
Ok that's better: She F*cking Hates Me by Puddle of Mud

Good night! Love to all

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