Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Conference Time

You know you are out of place when instead of listening to the presentation which everyone else finds enthralling you are paying attention to random details. For example; the guy sitting next to me at the conference had one leg crossed over the other and I could see his naked ankle where his pants rose over his sock (white). Scandalous! Next I noticed that the guy in front of me had huge shoulders and a very small head in comparison... shoulder pads maybe? The man who just stood up to ask a question looks exactly like Abe Lincoln. The response to his question started with "I would like to start with an observation *pause*" I thought he was going to say "Epic mutton chops mate! Nice work!" but no.

I was almost the only woman in the crowd, which is fine except that I was also the only one wearing a dress. Everyone else was in suits so they made sure that the airconditioner was set for them... I was cold. I also hadn't eaten since lunch time and so kept opening and closing my hand bag hoping that I had smuggled in some candy ... I hadn't smuggled in any candy. I found a jelly bean floating around in my bag once but being well fed at the time had thought myself to superior to eat the lint encrusted sugar cube so I threw it in the bin. Ok I thought about eating it but I did throw it out. Sitting in a sea of suits last night with my stomach grumbling I felt pretty silly. Should have left it in my bag (Emergency Bean!).

Lost in my own thoughts... obviously, I noticed that the speaker was starting to drone. I look at his face and without a word of a lie, the guy was boring himself! It was actually the most interesting part of the presentation, talking about missiles, aircraft and green energy and he had completely lost the drive to be interesting. If you talk for a while you get a bit of a croak in your voice, normal right? You correct yourself with a quick cough or a sip of water and everything goes back to where it should be, not this guy! He croaked away for another 5 mins. I think the rest was OK, I am not really an engineer/manager so this was really not targeted at me. Interesting information on cloud computing and 3D design (fun stuff).

Final observations of the night were the insane choice of colours in the room - white walls/ceiling/doors, black furniture, grey guest chairs and ... 2 giant fluro yellow chandeliers. Wow... Oh and there was a free bar... Hooray!

xox Love to All

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  1. Ha! I've many of those moments in church! Sitting in the back is to be avoided because I can't stop checking every one out. "Why did they just get up? Bathroom, angry, kid? Why is she wearing that with that? Wonder whats for lunch?"


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