Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weather ... again (I have nothing original to say, you might wanna skip this one)

I walked in the rain on Saturday. It wasn't miserable cold rain. It was warm and floaty rain. I wasn't feeling well (mixture of a cold and a hangover... which means you don't know what is making what hurt so all you can do is drink water) but just walking made me feel better. I had to pick up my car from a friend's house which is not far away (still a tram and a train and then a bit of a walk) but my hoodie got soaked through (the yellow fluffy bit around the edges was dripping). I liked the way everyone else was racing around in the rain with their umbrella's and trenchcoats. The cars whoosh hurridley by with the occasional spray of water from a deep puddle by the edge of the road. But not me. I had all the time in the world and had resigned myself to being soaked through when I got to where I was going, whenever that might be. I simply did not care, actually I enjoyed it!

This is so very a-typical of me. I normally have a million things that I need to do and they all need to happen yesterday. And it was raining! I am not that easy going. Normally I would be incredibly put out by 1. not having my car to keep me dry or make the trip quicker and 2. having to be wet when I got to wherever I was going. I wasn't. That my friends is a milestone for me. Could it be that I am becoming less neurotic? One step at a time but at least from now on walking in the rain won't make me cranky. Melbourne has been putting on a fantastic display of uncharacteristically lovely weather lately. Today for example, just a coupld of clouds in the sky and the rain that we did have over the weekend has made the spring leaves on the trees even more vibrant than before. Welcome back spring!

Enough weather... I am going home now to enjoy it!

Love to all


Halloween is coming soon which means scary jewelry and glow sticks ... Or both. We bought a pumpkin to carve a face into. I think that me and my housemates with a sharp knife and a pumpkin is probably scarier than anything we can make. Looking forward to giving it a go!

Love to all

Sunday, October 24, 2010

An Exercise in Cynicism

My housemate and I have been talking about cynicism, specifically relationship cynicism. Her mother told her that she is far too young to be this cynical. It's not that she is a bra burner or man hater, just that the sheer dumbassery of the men in her life have forever altered, perhaps even tainted the way that she looks at the world. I think it comes down to the fact that boys do not want the same things that we want. And how could they? We are told that we need to be feminine and maternal while men are told that they need to be silverfoxes like George Clooney or "players" like Barney from "How I Met Your Mother" (who by the way likes boys in real life which just goes to show how rediculous it is aspiring to be this way). Someone told me once that humans are not monogomous by nature. I seriously disagree... women (not all obviously but most) are monogomous. It is men who can't bear to settle down with one person for all of time. What if there is something better just waiting around the corner?

You want to believe that there is someone out there who will sweep you off your feet in some dream fairytale. Damn you Disney for giving me an unrealistic expectation of love. I am not giving men enough credit I know, Dad if you are reading this I am not talking about you because you are amazing and Mum likes you a lot (thumbs up!). Sprout I love you, you are the best little brother a girl could ask for but you are exactly what I am talking about.

Enough complaining (I have had some whingy posts lately!). Melbourne has been absolutely stunning for the last couple of days. Work has been good - demanding as usual but still good. Oh and I signed up for adult education after work on a Tuesday... I am going to learn how to sing. I would love to say that I have been roped into it but that is not the case. My housemate wants to do it and I think it will be fun. We have decided that if we want to go on holidays next year we have to make sure we only spend money on things that will get us there or help us on our trip. For example:
Food - keeps us alive until we want to go
Singing lessons - so when we run out of money in London (or wherever we can busk for extra cash)
Wine - practice... enough said

I am missing my first lesson because I have to speak to someone in London for work and the earliest they are available is the exact time that I am supposed to be in class. Next week there is no class because of Melbourne Cup (I wonder how I can make going to the Melbourne Cup work into my plans?) so I won't get to go now until the week after. Lots of time to get the vocal chords up to scratch.

xox Love to all

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mind your own...

My inspiration for today's post comes from a man who could not mind his own business. I am absolutely astounded by people sometimes. Driving to work (so yes this means before I have had a cup of coffee) a man pulls up next to me at the lights clearly with something up his... I mean a bee in his bonnet. I lean across the passenger seat to wind down the passenger window (no power windows in my rust bucket, not a complaint. Just a fact) and the guy is mid sentence ending with "be nice if you had some". "Huh?" I am running late, as usual, haven't had my caffiene fix, so I am cranky and a bit slow on the uptake. Did I mention that I am not a morning person?

"Your back tail lights are out, you shouldn't be driving around like that" he yells at me like it is something that I should already have known. Translation: "I wasn't paying attention and almost rear ended you and now I need to make it your fault". To be honest, at the time I didn't really know. How long would your leg have to be really in order to keep your foot on the break and look at the tail lights? Besides, it is broad daylight and I have a white car... not hard to spot in peak hour traffic when you are averageing 5 kilometers an hour. "Thank you for letting me know, I will be sure to look into that" I smiled back. Translation: "Who the F%*@ are you and why are you messing with me so early in the morning?". My smile must have caught him off guard and so he just nodded curtly and the lights changed. Thank god because there was enough room for me to slam my car into his Bentley and I am not 100% sure that if he hadn't driven off when he did that I wouldn't have done it.

I have since checked my tail lights and it turns out they work. So I think that this guy has been driving an automatic so long that he forgets that when driving a manual it is not necessary to use the breaks all that often (or is that just my style of driving?). The thing that bothers me the most is that he drove off thinking that he was in the right! I hate the way people are rewarded for their bad behaviour.

Love to all

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Conference Time

You know you are out of place when instead of listening to the presentation which everyone else finds enthralling you are paying attention to random details. For example; the guy sitting next to me at the conference had one leg crossed over the other and I could see his naked ankle where his pants rose over his sock (white). Scandalous! Next I noticed that the guy in front of me had huge shoulders and a very small head in comparison... shoulder pads maybe? The man who just stood up to ask a question looks exactly like Abe Lincoln. The response to his question started with "I would like to start with an observation *pause*" I thought he was going to say "Epic mutton chops mate! Nice work!" but no.

I was almost the only woman in the crowd, which is fine except that I was also the only one wearing a dress. Everyone else was in suits so they made sure that the airconditioner was set for them... I was cold. I also hadn't eaten since lunch time and so kept opening and closing my hand bag hoping that I had smuggled in some candy ... I hadn't smuggled in any candy. I found a jelly bean floating around in my bag once but being well fed at the time had thought myself to superior to eat the lint encrusted sugar cube so I threw it in the bin. Ok I thought about eating it but I did throw it out. Sitting in a sea of suits last night with my stomach grumbling I felt pretty silly. Should have left it in my bag (Emergency Bean!).

Lost in my own thoughts... obviously, I noticed that the speaker was starting to drone. I look at his face and without a word of a lie, the guy was boring himself! It was actually the most interesting part of the presentation, talking about missiles, aircraft and green energy and he had completely lost the drive to be interesting. If you talk for a while you get a bit of a croak in your voice, normal right? You correct yourself with a quick cough or a sip of water and everything goes back to where it should be, not this guy! He croaked away for another 5 mins. I think the rest was OK, I am not really an engineer/manager so this was really not targeted at me. Interesting information on cloud computing and 3D design (fun stuff).

Final observations of the night were the insane choice of colours in the room - white walls/ceiling/doors, black furniture, grey guest chairs and ... 2 giant fluro yellow chandeliers. Wow... Oh and there was a free bar... Hooray!

xox Love to All

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Forced shopping

I snapped my bra last night. I thought that it was under"wire" not under"plastic".... Gutted! Sucks too becuase I have been neglecting my boobs lately and have only two bra's. This means that lately it has been necessary to do my washing up to 4 times a week. It also means that right now I look like a Picasso with one higher than the other... Classy. Might be time to actually buy some more. I will go to Dimmey's on my break. Dimmey's is a giant heritage listed building on Swan St around the corner from where I work. I have only been there once; to find soap dispensers which it turns out they do not have. Still they have lots of clothes and stuff so hopefully they have a replacement for my bra.

I figured out as I clambered out of the car this morning with blurry eyes that it was Wednesday judging by the fact that there are 3 empty breakfast boxes in the passenger seat. Probably should throw them out but then how would I know what day it is? God I need a coffee! I hope you all have a cracker day :D

Later that day (and 3 cups of coffee later)

Turns out I am expected to attend a conference this evening (that I have been avoiding like the plague but was roped into nevertheless) and because of said conference I will not have any time to go shopping before the event. Great! I hope no one notices my "Look-by-Picasso" and just focuses on the riviting IT/Engineering material that will be presented by my collegues. Poor me!

xox Love to all

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ha ha Google...

Judging by the "Stat's" Section in Blogger (which is very intersting by the way), there are 15 disappointed people who have come to my blog looking for the lyrics for the Linkin Park song "Waiting for the End" and found me instead.

See? 2nd from the top in Google Search! I didn't think I would ever see myself anywhere but here.

I got an email recently of a poster displayed in a closed shop window. Turns out this is in my hood! (Not often is a funny email from anywhere I have ever even been to so this one is worthy of note). I don't know who put the sign up/who took the photo/if it was a hoax... but its funny and about 4 streets from where I live so I thought I would share:

Love to All

Awesome 80's!

Love the 80's? Ok so I was 5 when the 80's ended but I still appreciate a dodgy 80's film when I get the chance. I hope that I will be able to inspire you to have an 80's marathon!

Foxtel tonight has "License to Drive" with the two Corey's and some really cringe worthy scenes. Terrible moment when the Cadillac is acostered by a drunk who proceeds to smash into a quarry. Terrible but still exciting. I give it... 3 out of 5 stars.

Back when the two Corey's were still cute and not... ummm.... older.

Reminds me a lot of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" which is gold but somehow it is more traumatic. (Ferris Bueller by the way gets 5 stars, absolutely cannot be left out of the 80's marathon)

So next on the list is Killer Clowns From Outerspace. Haven't seen it? Do! Rediculous! Stupid and even though it shouldn't be.... Super Super creepy! You wouldn't believe it if you hadn't seen it with your own two eyes... do it! (4 stars)

Another little known 80's flick is "The Wizard". Unless you are a massive Mario fan that is. This film has a cult following among console nerds and really made me smile! It has a Milo and Otis feel and it is a running away from home adventure. 3 and a half stars.

Do you remember the first time you saw this one? Everyone wanted to find a Mr Miyagi to teach them to tourture little trees (I mean create bonsai). I remember looking in the maintenence building at my school... no luck, just a whole heap of garden equipment and 2 days of detention for going out of bounds. That was about the end of my karate dreams. 4 stars!

Awwww! Dirty Dancing... because no one puts baby in the corner! 5 stars.

Here is the last one on my list. I think the coolest film that Arnie ever made (I know big call but I am calling it). 3 and a half stars.

Hope you at least watch one of these that you haven't already!

Love to all!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The day I played with my inner child

Bought candy yesterday, sat on the couch and ate it all!
These things looked awesome:

On the box maybe but in real life not as cool. They crackle when you eat them which is disturbing but still awesome!

Candy ring... biggest rock I have ever seen and edible. So much better than diamonds :)

Can't believe they have to put this in the disclaimer though!:

We live right next to a super-servo (which is like a grocery store with prices jacked up). Because it is so close, there is no need to remember everything you need when you go to the proper store. What that means unfortunately is that I have been known to make many trips for milk/candy/miscellanious other items (to the detriment of my wallet and my ass). My gym shoes and I have a date with the pavement tonight for sure!

Love to all

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


What is that shiny stuff?

There is a string of shiny stuff stretching it's way across my carpet. It's a bit like string but on closer inspection it's kind of wet and sticky.

Don't judge me by my carpet. I live in a share house ok?

So back to the point: look what is going around leaving reflective goo on my carpet!

Love to all

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I am in desperate need of inspiration! I really am trying my best, listening to Tool, Finger Eleven and I will be honest... a little Maroon Five (don't judge me! They are a little inspirational). Nothing... all I can think about is this stupid group assignment I am doing for uni which is so pointless and frustrating I can barely contain my impatience in the "group collaboration" meetings. Or more accurately termed "dick measuring" contests where the members try to wow each other with their intelligence. Focus on the point people before I scream!

So I am noticing that my fuse is getting progressively shorter and I am 80% sure it isn't that time of the month so I am struggling to work out where my nasty streak is coming from! Maybe it is the late nights over the last couple of weeks, sleep deprivation is obviously not good for the psych.

Funny observation... it's 10pm (yes I know... this is why I am tired and cranky) but I can smell laundry detergent and hear footsteps. I think one of my housemate's just got up to do their laundry!? Truly random! It is fun living with girls... never thought you would hear me say that did you? But it is really nice. They drink wine and gossip about people we know (general and rarely nasty gossip that is). I think this is just what I need in my new singledom. Still I really need to sleep! I promise that once I have handed in this assignment I will go to bed early.

My mp3 player is stuffing with me... Love is all around by Wet Wet Wet
So inappropriate! Doesn't it know that I don't want to hear about love right now!
Ok that's better: She F*cking Hates Me by Puddle of Mud

Good night! Love to all

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sunshine on the window

Coffee ---- Check
Breakfast ---- Check
Laptop on ---- Check

Ok ready to start another day at the office. Today is going to be lovely. The sun is up and it is pretty warm outside. Melbourne weather is so unpredictable so when you get a sunny day it seems like a terrible waste to be inside all day! Queensland is sunny all the time so you don't feel bad if you spend some of the sunshine indoors. I think that I got more done there. I am forced to be inside now but want to go play in the grass. How does anyone work in these conditions?

I asked my facebook friends yesterday whether I should dye my hair blonde or red. 4 people said blonde, 4 people said red and 1 person said green (thanks for that by the way Lucas). I think I am going to choose blonde. That way if I hate it I can dye it any colour I want to. That is the fun thing about having short hair, I can do what I want and it will only take a couple of weeks to grow out. Very convenient.

Ok I am going back to work. Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine wherever it may be shining.

xox Love to all

Busy and now sleepy

So I have a meeting tomorrow that I am absolutely dreading. Right now I should be studying or going through my emails from work but I am watching TV. *laughs* told you it is evil (and it doesn't help that I have no motivation whatsoever)!

I have a friend staying with me at the moment. We went to school together. She got sick and I went to Queensland so I haven't been able to take her around Melbourne all that much. I hope to take her for a drive tomorrow around the suburbs and stuff. Hopefully it won't be too exerting seeing as she is still not feeling so well.

Looking forward to the weekend!

xox Love to all

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