Sunday, August 22, 2010

Planning my snow trip

Simply exahusted today! So much to do before the end of the week it is just crazy! My little brother Sprout will be here on Saturday and we are going to see the snow. I thought it wouldn't be cold enough for snow but lucky us Victoria has remained icy and slightly unpleasant so it looks like it is good to go. The lady at the lodge asked me to bring my own linen and blankets... otherwise she is worried that we will get cold. I am a little concerned at a lodge that does not have blankets but they are charging next to nothing for three adults to stay so I am not complaining (besides, my doona is better than any hotel blanket in the world). Very much looking forward to playing in the snow and sitting by the fire this weekend.

This is where we are going:

They took this photo at 8.30 this morning and it looks like there is snow!

I am getting my hair fixed on Thursday. If I like it I might paste another dodgy blurry photograph so you can see it. I am also taking the car into the tyre place on Friday morning... can't drive to the snow with bald tyres now can I? Thinking about getting new shock absorbers too. I am told that they are important but I cannot for the life of me figure out why. I have been driving around feeling every bump and divot in the road for so long that I actually don't mind it. Makes me feel like I am a living creature not a machine on the road. Saying that, there may be some other use for shock absorbers that I don't know about and the car expert (Darian) says I need new shock absorbers so I guess I had better get them. God forbid the car tear in two and I get the dreaded "I told you so". I probably shouldn't be driving anyway, I live close to work, and besides this trip to the snow I virtually don't go more than 5 mins from my apartment. I love living in the city! everything is so close.

Love to all

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