Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August for change

I know I do this every couple of months or so but I am tipping the scales a little too far past my comfort level so I am going to wrestle my weight back to where it should be. I have been working out at the gym in the apartment building, swimming laps in the pool and today I went and did a Bikram Yoga session. God it is horrible! Even the guy who invented it says it is torture (not to me, I read that somewhere on the internet so I probably should have said "I read that the guy who invented it says it's torture as I have no way of backing it up). You walk out of the room feeling amazing (because you aren't in the room anymore). Actually, it wasn't as bad this time as it was last time. Last time I was lying on my back wanting to die through most of the poses. This time I only wanted to die about 15 mins before the 90 min session was over. Longest 15 mins of my life. It is a test of human endurance no question.

Tomorrow night is Zumba... I am looking forward to that a lot more. I will blog about it after to let you know how it went.

I went to get a hair cut on the weekend. I have very long hair and I wanted to cut it all off pixie style. Apparently that would be too much of a shock. To be honest I was gutted that the hairdresser refused to do what I wanted. Stupid man... thinks he is the god of hair but he isn't and he did a mediocre job at a boring style and charged me $100 for the pleasure. What a douche....

I had this:

Sorry about the dodge self portrait uSketch altered for anonymity.

I wanted this:

or maybe something classy like this:

and I got this:

Ok so I am being melodramatic. But if I want short hair and I am paying cash for it, I should get what I want! There are so few times when it is ok to act like a child and demand to get your own way. This is one of them, and I think that is the reason I am so mad. Yet again I let someone talk me into doing something I did not particularly want. I can't blame the hairdresser because I let him do it. I should have walked straight out. It isn't even the hair (its just hair) its my lack of conviction. Clarity is a bitch... can I go back to hating the hairdresser again?

Either way I am making changes this month and that makes me feel better about being a pushover. Maybe that should be one of my changes.

Thanks for visiting :)

Love to all

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